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The Slumber Party...what a happy memory!!

The favorite slumber parties from my youth included late night tv, games, pizza and talking with my friends for the whole night!

These activities are geared toward tweens, young teens and older kids.

If you'd like to plan some activities for your sleepover, such as a game or a craft, here is a great collection of ideas for you! We've collected every idea we could find, and have LOTS of ideas shared by site visitors, so be sure to visit all our of pages devoted to slumber parties to find inspiration for activities, themes and more! 

For a first slumber party for little ones, visit our first sleepover page where you'll find activities and party ideas specificially to help you get started!

Slumber Party Ideas

The Basics

Before the party, the party girl and her parents should decide on the role the parents will play. Will they be close at hand, or just nearby in case you need them? Also, decide what siblings will do that evening.

You may want to decide, in advance, on a "code word" in case a situation comes up and the party girl wants her parents to step in and help. If there is a conflict going on or something gets out of hand, the parent can be the "bad guy," but it also keeps the party girl from looking like they are running to mom & dad for help in front of their friends.

Have a collection of music to listen to, as well as stacks of magazines, board games, etc. That way if someone isn't interested in an activity they don't have to participate if they don't want to.

And be flexible...a big part of the fun of this type of party is just seeing what happens!

Slumber Party Games

You can make your party fun and unique by adding a few games!

Some of our favorite games for sleepovers are:

Makeup Artist - You’ll need makeup: lipstick, loose powder and blush. Stay away from things that could injure an eye, such as eye shadow (unless applying with a cotton ball) and no mascara (too scary to try to do!). Divide players into teams. One player is the model, and their teammate is the make up artist. The makeup artist has 2 minutes to put makeup on their model. But must do it blindfolded! The other players who aren’t taking their turn can yell out directions on what to do – “higher, lower, over to the left,” etc.!

Photo Fun - Divide players into teams, with each team using a digital camera or phone camera. Give each team a list of photos to take. Some ideas are...the team pretending to sleep, of the team dancing, of the team doing yoga, etc. Whatever you can think of that will make a crazy photo! Make sure the different players take turns being the photographer so everyone gets a turn to be photographer and models!

Ticking Clock Game - Have players leave the room (or hide their eyes) while you hide an alarm clock in one sleeping bag. At some point in the evening, have the clock set to go off. Tell your guests that the alarm will go off, but don’t tell them when it will go off - that will be a surprise). When the alarm rings, whoever can find the clock first wins!

Check out our huge list of more girl slumber party games including Light as a Feather, Fortune Teller, Scavenger Hunts and Truth or Dare.

Popular Sleepover Party Themes 

Does your Slumber Party need to have a theme? Actually, it is a theme in and of itself.

BUT...having a special theme for your slumber party can make it more fun to plan and fill in some ideas for activities. Planning sleepover party games about your theme makes it even better!

Here are special links to our fun Slumber Party Theme Ideas, complete with decorations, invitations, activities, girl slumber party games and more!

  • Backwards Party
  • Blacklight Party
  • Booklover's Bookworm Sleepover
  • Campout Party
  • Candy Theme
  • Hawaiian Party (or Luau Sleepover)
  • Hollywood Star Sleepover Party
  • Makeover Party
  • Music Star Party
  • Model Party
  • Mystery Party
  • New York Party
  • Oscar Watching Party (or your favorite awards show!)
  • Pirate Party
  • Purple Party
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Sports Theme Party
  • Star Light Star Bright Party
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Talent Show Party
  • Western Party

    Other fun party theme ideas are:
  • Around the World Party
  • Birthstone Party (plan your party around the color of your stone)
  • Golden Birthday Party 
  • Jewelry Making Party
  • Night Under the Stars Party
  • Manicure Party
  • Scrapbooking Party  
  • 1950's Party or Sock Hop
  • 60’s Party 
  • 80’s party

  • Need more ideas?
  • More Teen Party Theme Ideas
  • More Kids Party Theme Ideas

  • And What about a Guy's Sleepover?

    One of our visitors submitted this great idea for a guy's sleepover, a Halo Paintball Marathon Party.

    More boy sleepover party ideas for you to choose from.

    Fun Sleepover Party Links

    How about fruit smoothies for breakfast? Smoothie has lots of wonderful fruit smoothie recipes that you can enjoy!

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    Hotel Sleepovers - Traditionally, slumber parties have been held at home. This allows you to do lots of decorating, make all the noise you want, and start (and end) the party at the time you choose. But hotel sleepovers are gaining popularity. When going to a hotel, you still do all the normal activities, but it all takes place at a hotel. We'll give you tips on how to have the best hotel sleepover party ever!

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    Your Turn! What made your slumber party great?

    Did you have a great time at your slumber party? Tell us about it!

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