Hawaiian Slumber Party

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A Hawaiian Slumber Party (or Luau theme) is one of the most popular sleepover ideas out there.

It is always fun to “go tropical”, especially when the weather is cold outside.

Here are some easy party ideas and games to help you plan yours!

Aloha! Slumber Party Invitations

  • Write the party details on inflated beach balls and deliver. (uninflate them and you can slide them into an envelope)
  • Send your invitation as a message in a bottle.

  • Hawaiian Luau Decorations

  • Use tropical colors: hot pink, lime green, yellow, turquoise, and orange.
  • Seashells
  • Fishnets
  • Pink Flamingos and Parrots
  • Palm Trees (real, inflatable or made from butcher paper)
  • Paper Lanterns
  • How about some homemade party decorations that look great - tiki torches, tropical flowers...even a volcano!

  • Hawaiian Slumber Party Food

  • Fruit salad (use tropical fruit) or serve fresh fruit
  • Hawaiian pizza – ham and pineapple!
  • Serve chips/dips and cookies in Sand Pails and beach toys
  • Serve drinks with little drink umbrellas
  • Add a luau themed cake
  • More slumber party food ideas

  • Hawaiian Slumber Party Activities

  • Have your friends dress for the beach or for a day in the tropics

  • Give your friends a lei to wear or grass skirts are fun too!) when they arrive

  • Prior to the party look up the Hawaiian name of each of your guests and include it on a name tag

  • Decorate flip flops

  • Make large tissue paper flowers

  • Have a load of sand delivered and have a sand castle building contest. (keep it outdoors if you can…sand gets everywhere!)

  • Have a surprise gift exchange. Before the party purchase and wrap fun beach related items. Draw numbers to see who gets to go first…then guests go one at a time and can pick an item to open or steal a gift from someone else.

  • Hawaiian Luau Sleepover Party Games

  • Dance off … hula style

  • Hula Hoop Contest

  • Limbo!

  • Pass the Orange Game : (two teams form a line…each team has an orange and passes it from person to person under their chin – no hands allowed! The first team that passes the orange all the way down the line wins!)

  • Coconut Hunt (Treasure Hunt to find the hidden coconuts)

  • Bust the Coconut Game - Tie a brown balloon to an ankle of each guest. Have them try to pop each other’s “coconuts” without their own getting popped

  • Once Upon a Time… - Sit in a circle and let the host tell a story. They’ll start with a sentence to get the story rolling. Then the next person in the circle will tell what happened next in one sentence. Go around the circle 3 times to complete the story! (with a small group you may want to go around the circle more times than that)! Start the story in Hawaii…

  • Visit our main slumber party page for more games for your Hawaiian Slumber Party.

  • Hawaiian Sleepover Party Favor Ideas

  • Beach Towels
  • Water bottle
  • Drawstring tote bag

  • Your Turn! What made your slumber party great?

    Did you have a great time at your slumber party? Tell us about it!

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