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Slumber party invitations are really important!


Like any party, an invitation to a slumber party can set the mood for the entire event!

Don't worry - there are lots of options. You can make your own invitations, or you can purchase them.

Invitations for a Slumber Party You Can Make

I've often made my own invitations for all sorts of parties. It is a fun way to get in a little productive and fun craft time with a purpose!

Looking for something out of the ordinary as sleepover invitations? Check these out...

Pillowcase Invitation
Write the details of your party on a pillow and send it to each invitee. They can bring it to the party on their pillow and have everyone autograph it.

Go with a Slumber Party Theme
Are you using a theme? If so, make an invitation to match. If doing a Hollywood slumber party, you could make an invitation to look like a ticket. If doing a star theme slumber party, you could make an invitation in the shape of a star. Even a "slumber party" is a theme unto itself!

Great Invitation Ideas!
We're always on the lookout for great ideas. Here are some invitation ideas from our readers!

  • Cheap Invitations
  • Share your homemade slumber party invitations ideas and creations here!

  • Slumber Party Invitations You Can Purchase

    There are lots of really cute party sleepover birthday party invitations out there that you can purchase and send.

    One of the easiest to use is the kind where you fill in the blanks with your information. If you are looking for that sort of invitation, you can find them online, at a party store, or a stationary store. 

    The best source for party invitations online is to search thru the invitations for slumber parties on Amazon.

  • Make sure your party invitations include all the important info - all those juicy details your guests will need to know. Some info you might want to include on your invitation:

  • What is needed (sleeping bags, pillows, etc.)
  • If you'll be taking them on an outing
  • What meals you'll provide
  • Time for pickup the next morning

    Whatever cute party invitation you choose, get ready to spend some time with your best friends for a night of makeovers, movies, and memories! 

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