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Here are some great ideas for a teen Pirate Party.

After the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the world has taken the love of pirates to a whole new level!

When you are looking for a teen party theme and wanting everyone to dress in costume, the pirate party makes a great theme for a guy and girl party and is perfect for celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Lots of fun possibilities for party invitations, decorations and activities, a pirate party also makes a great teenager birthday party.

Here are some easy ideas to make a great pirate party. 

Pirate Party Invitations

Every party starts off with an invitation. Set the mood by choosing a fun party invitation that really gets the idea of your theme across to your friends. There are lots of options for a pirate party invitation. Some favorites are...

  • A treasure map! Write the party details in the “legend” box of the map.
  • Make up a "Wanted" poster for a pirate, with your guests being the ones who are wanted.
  • Deliver a message in a bottle.
  • Send a virtual invitation.
  • Shop online. Click here for available printable pirate invitations online.

  • Teen Pirate Party Decorations

  • Decorate your party area like a tropical island – palm trees made out of brown and green kraft paper, large paper flowers, etc. Here is an example of a tropical flower.

  • Decorate your party area like the ocean. You can even cover the walls with blue butcher paper to be the sea. It is easy to make great homemade sealife decorations.

  • Include pirate flags, piles of plastic gold coins and bead necklaces around the room.

  • Teen Birthday Party Games

  • Every self-respecting pirate loves treasure. So...go on a treasure hunt!

  • At your teen pirate party, break open a Treasure Chest Pinata. This could actually be the treasure you seek in the treasure hunt, and then you break it open...

  • The fun teen party game, Find the Captain (actually, the Find the Leader Game,but since we’re talking pirates, the leader will be the captain!)

  • Costumes! Are you asking your friends to dress up as pirates? You might lay in a supply of pirate patches and temporary tattoos, just in case someone shows up and they aren't in costume. That way they can get in the pirate spirit!

  • If you have a pool available, you can play some popular pool games. Visit our huge list of pool games for your teen pirate party.

  • Have you heard of Talk Like a Pirate Day? It happens every September. Adopt that fun idea and throughout the entire party, have everyone talk like a pirate!

  • If this teenage birthday party is a golden birthday, you will for sure want to include a treasure hunt for gold! What is a golden birthday?

  • Visit our list of teenager approved party games for more easy teen party games.
  • Teenage Sleepover

  • If you are planning a teenage slumber party, you can add these fun activities to your pirate party...
  • Watch one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

  • Play one of the Pirates of the Caribbean board games – there are several board games that have been remade into this theme, including Life and Monopoly (the link will take you to amazon to see what's available.)

  • Play a game of Liar's Dice.

  • Click here for more easy slumber party games and ideas.
  • Pirate Birthday Cake Ideas

  • Make a pirate cake that looks like a Pirate Ship or a Jolly Roger (pirate flag).
  • Another fun cake design would be to make a treasure chest cake.

  • Tell us about your great teen party idea!

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