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Pinatas are so much fun for a party!!

What is it?

A decorated box that is filled with goodies. Hang one at your party and when it is time to play the game, guests take turns hitting it to break it open.

Where did this fun game come from?

Marco Polo, in his travels, found the Chinese using sticks to hit decorated animal figures filled with seeds.

In the 1300's in Europe, decorated clay pots filled with candy, coins and treasures were broken.

The traditions eventually spread to the new world, and today they are made of paper mache.

I love trivia, don't you?

The really great thing...these brightly decorated festive items can be used for any event. Weddings, showers, Christmas, Halloween...not just birthdays!

I usually save playing the game for something to do at the end of a party. Right after having cake, and opening presents, it is a great way to get everyone back together again. All I have to do is start hanging it up and everyone comes running!

I always have a bag of some sort for players to put the goodies in. Or, you can fill it with goodies that are already bagged, with enough bags for everyone. (Whether you pre-bag or not, always save some extra treats away for any players that feel they "didn't get as much" as the other players).

You can even use them in your decorations as a centerpiece or to hang in your party area! Fun, colorful, festive. What more could you want?

How-To's and Resources for Pinatas

 You can make your own, or if you want, you can purchase one. If you want to purchase, a great selection can be found online.

If you want to make your own, don't worry, we've got you covered! They are very easy to make. Read about how to make a your own pinata.

If you need to know how to play the pinata party game, click here.

For young children or indoors, you'll likely want to look into a pull-string pinata (no good swinging a bat indoors, is it?)

Most people choose to fill with candy and small trinket treasures. As a matter of fact, the loot makes a great party favor. I've gathered party suppliers who offer discounts, and have listed links and coupon codes on the party supplies page of this site.  

Have You Made a Great Pinata?

Have you made a great pinata? Want to send us a photo to put on the website? Share it with us!

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