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...or is it Party Slumber Backwards??

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A backwards slumber party is a guaranteed crazy party every time!

A sleepover that is lots of fun and easy to plan...

...just do everything opposite from how you would normally do it!

Here are some easy party ideas and games to get you started!

backwards party

Backwards Party Invitations:

Easy to make yourself!!

  • Write your invitations in reverse, such as “Party Backwards To Invited You’re”

  • Make your invitations a mirror image, so guests will need to hold it up to a mirror to read it

  • Backwards Party Decorations:

  • Hang balloons from the ceiling by their string

  • If a birthday, hang a Happy Birthday Banner upside down

  • Place gifts under the gift table instead of on top of it

  • Backwards Party Activities:

  • When your friends arrive, tell them “goodbye”

  • When your friends leave, tell them “hello” '

  • Have a name tag prepared for each guest…with their name spelled backwards. Call them this name throughout the party.

  • Serve cake or dessert at the beginning of the party, instead of at the end

  • If serving dinner, serve breakfast foods, such as pancakes!

  • Or...serve a crazy meal! Cover your table with a disposable table cloth. Won't everyone be surprised when you dump spaghetti and sauce on the table and have everyone just grab some, put in front of them and eat. No bowls, no plates! Messy, but very opposite from how you normally eat!

  • Turn your sleeping bags inside out

  • Tell your friends to wear their clothes to the party backwards, or inside out

  • Backwards Party Games:

  • No Talent, Talent Show - Have a pretend talent show to see who has the least talent! Team up players so they can work together. Some ideas are telling (bad) jokes, reciting a (bad) poem, playing with a band (badly – maybe on kazoo’s?), singing (badly) karaoke, magic tricks (badly done), dancing (bad), etc. Give awards for the worst. You'll want to video this one too...

  • Left Foot Art - Sit on the floor with no shoes and draw using your left foot.

  • Don’t Follow the Leader – do the opposite of what the leader does

  • Reverse Freeze Dance - when the music stops…dance. When the music plays…freeze!

  • Backwards Bean Bag Toss - Toss a bean bag behind you, over your shoulder.

  • If you need more slumber party game ideas, visit our giant list of more slumber party games to add to your backwards slumber party.

  • Backwards Party Cake Ideas:

  • For a birthday cake, make a regular cake...but do the "Happy Birthday" writing backwards

  • Make ice cream sundaes, but put the toppings on the bottom

  • Backwards Party Favor Ideas:

    Anything with the guest’s name written backwards

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