1st Birthday Party Ideas

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These 1st birthday party ideas are a great way to make sure that celebrating this day is very special.

Even though the birthday boy or girl won't remember it - it is very special to mom & dad!! Take lots of pictures to show them later!

1st Birthday Party Basics

1st Birthday Party Ideas

They make so many cute themed plates, invitations, etc. for 1st birthday parties now, but all that is necessary is your child, a camera, and a party planned at the best time of day when your child is at their best!

Some people like to just have family (that is what we did - family, cake and presents).

Others like to have a big affair with family and friends.

Whatever type of party you choose, keep these party planning tips in mind for your baby birthday party:

  • Plan it for a time of day when baby will be at their best (and you too).
  • The party doesn't need to be long...too long can be too much for baby.
  • Have a camera ready, along with backup batteries. Make sure someone is in charge of taking the photos so you can concentrate on the baby.
  • Decide whether or not you want presents...a large party will bring a lot of presents for baby...
  • Maybe more than you need! If so, consider just letting everyone come and have a piece of cake, with no gifts necessary.
  • Whatever you choose, enjoy it, and take lots of photos!
  • Ideas from our Visitors

    Sometimes reading about what other people have done can help more anything. Bookmark this page, and after your kid's first birthday party celebration please come back and share your photos and tips to help others! Here are a few ideas that have been shared by site visitors so far:

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  • Add your ideas or photos to our party ideas list!

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