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Golden Birthday

What is a golden birthday?

Simply put, it is when you are turning the same age as the date you were born.

For example, if you were born on January 16th, the year you turn 16 would be your "golden" birthday.

If you were born on October 9, the year you turn 9 would be the golden one.

Obviously, many people celebrate this very special birthday without knowing what it is and they find out too late! But if you can catch it in time to celebrate it, you can make it special because, after all, it only happens once in a lifetime!

If you are planning your event and realize it is a golden occasion, here are some ideas to help use gold as your party theme or as part of it.

One fun idea is to take a golden celebration and expand into a Casino Party (think James Bond Golden Eye).

Actually, anytime you can mix a treasure hunt into your birthday party plans would be fun...such as:

Western Party (adults)
Western Party (for Teens)
Pirate Party
Indiana Jones Party
Another fun birthday celebration idea is to do a Willy Wonka Party, with the “Golden Ticket” as the birthday invitation to your event!

Golden Birthday Decorations

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  • Gold balloons
  • Hang gold stars from the ceiling
  • Have a gold metallic fringe curtain in the doorway for guests to walk thru
  • White (or gold) tablecloths
  • Sprinkle tables with gold confetti
  • Gold disposable plates. If using china, opt for gold chargers or white plates embellished with gold.
  • White Candles in a bed of gold marbles or rocks (you can spray paint rocks gold inexpensively!)

  • Golden Birthday Activities and Games for teens and adults:

    Play the Off-Limits Game with gold colored necklaces. Make the “off-limits” word gold.

    Using printable games for your next birthday party from PrintGamesNow is always an easy and inexpensive idea.

    Turn the party into profits for you and your friend by having a gold jewelry buying party.

    For gold party favors, try gold costume jewelry or gold wrapped chocolate candy.

    "Golden" Activities and Games for kids:

  • Have a treasure hunt for “gold” – with spray painted rocks. Read more about treasure hunts here.

  • For favors, give gold gift bags filled with your choice of Gold Gel Pens, Chocolate Coins in gold wrappers and pretend gold jewelry.

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