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Having a makeover party or spa party is a great teen party theme. It is frequently found on lists of teen slumber party ideas.

Even though you wear makeup, it is fun to see what others might come up with for you as far as a hairstyle, makeup colors and products, and something different.

Even trying out different "looks" is fun. Think of a "top model" show, where sometimes the girls are styled "sweet", "smoky", "scary", etc. You can go for different looks!

Have fun with it, and enjoy sharing ideas with each other.  

Here are some ideas for you to include that will make the night more memorable!

  • Serve a purse cake
  • Take before and after photos of your guests
  • Give each other manicures
  • Give each other pedicures
  • Have plenty of beauty items on hand - facials, masks, cucumbers, moisturizers, etc.
  • Do some yoga!
  • Watch some great know, the true chick flicks like Sleepless in Seattle, whatever your favorites are!
  • Grab some ideas from the spa party page
  • Grab some ideas from the model party page

  • Great Party Games for a Makeover Party

    Play some fun teen party games with a "makeover" theme:

  • Makeup Artist - You’ll need makeup: lipstick, loose powder and blush. Stay away from things that could injure an eye, such as eye shadow (unless applying with a cotton ball) and no mascara (too scary to try to do!). Divide players into teams. One player is the model, and their teammate is the make up artist. The makeup artist has 2 minutes to put makeup on their model. But must do it blindfolded! The other players who aren’t taking their turn can give out directions on what to do – “higher, lower, over to the left,” etc.!

  • Suitcase Relay - Who says that a makeover should be limited to your face. Wardrobes can be fun too!

  • Off Limits - Play this game with words that you would use while doing a makeover...

  • And most of all, enjoy being with your girlfriends!

  • Tell us about your great teen party idea!

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    My Makeover Idea
    By: Seda, MO
    My idea for a makeover slumber party (or regular party) is that you write adjectives on paper and put them in a bowl (i.e. [smokey], [cute], or [ugly].) Then at the party have the participants split into teams of two and one chooses to  be the artist and the other is the model. The artist chooses a word from the bowl and has to use makeup to create that on the models body.