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Here are some ideas and games for a sports slumber party!

You can choose a specific sport, celebrate the Olympics, or salute all sports.

The easy party ideas and games listed in the party plan below are general enough to include all sports. Adapt it if you wish for a certain sport, such as soccer, volleyball, etc.

Go Get ‘Em, Tiger!

Sports Sleepover Invitations

  • Any sport theme invitation
  • An invitation attached to a pompom
  • A megaphone, with invitation information printed on it
  • Make a fake sporting event ticket
  • Make a Coach’s “playbook”, with the big play being your party!

  • Sports Party Decorations

  • Anything sports themed
  • Old sports uniforms tacked onto the wall
  • Posters of sports heroes
  • Sports Magazines
  • Sports theme decorations and paper goods

  • Sports Party Theme Menu

  • Hot dogs
  • Popcorn
  • Nachos
  • Cotton candy
  • Anything you would eat at a sporting event
  • A sports themed cake, such as a hockey cake, football cake or soccer cake.

  • Sports Slumber Party Games and Activities

  • Watch movies with a sports theme, like Cool Runnings or Game Plan

  • Sports Trivia Games

  • Egg and Spoon Relay - Divide players into two teams and have each team form a line. Have a member of each team race to a certain point, holding a hard-boiled egg in a spoon, and then return so that the next team member has a turn.

  • Play soccer - Try using a balloon instead of a ball for extra fun!

  • Panty Hose Race - The funniest race you'll ever see! Find out how to play on the Races and Relays page

  • Sock Bounce - - You’ll need a different pair of colored socks per player (hey...this could be a party favor!). Roll the socks up into a ball. You’ll also need a bed sheet. Have everyone hold an edge of the bed sheet, with the rolls of socks sitting on top. Everyone lifts up the sheet together, shaking and waving the sheet (like a parachute game). The object is for each player to try to bounce the other socks off the sheet, and avoid letting the socks get bounced off!

  • Sleeping Bag Race - Line up the sleeping bags, have each person climb inside one, and race across the room by wiggling inside the bags.

  • Pillow Toss - make targets on the floor with large pieces of colored construction paper. Try to toss your pillow on a certain color for points!

  • Outside you could also play basketball, relay races, Frisbee, volleyball

  • Twister!

  • Pinata - use a sport theme pinata. It is easy to make a ball shape pinata! How to make a pinata

  • For more games to go with your Sports Slumber Party, visit our Easy Slumber Party Ideas and Games Page!

    Sports Slumber Party Favors: Sports theme water bottles

  • Have a team jersey made up for each guest, large enough to sleep in as their night shirt.

  • Sports Slumber Party Favors

  • Sports theme water bottles

  • Have a team jersey made up for each guest, large enough to sleep in as their night shirt.

  • Your Turn! What made your slumber party great?

    Did you have a great time at your slumber party? Tell us about it!

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