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A teen western party can be something unique and very fun to decorate!

Teen parties don't have to have a theme, but if you are considering a theme, it is helpful to have one that is easy to decorate, and easy for your friends to participate with.

The western theme works on both counts!

Whether you are thinking of a Cowboy Party (or Cowgirl Party!), Country and Western Party, or a Rodeo Cowboy theme...

...here are some of our favorite ideas that we think you and your friends will enjoy!

Grab your boots and hat and let's go!

Western Party Invitations

There are lots of possibilities for a western party invitation.

You can make your own party invitations with cute scrapbooking papers.

You can make invitations in the shape of a boot, cactus, horseshoe, cowboy hat or other western item.

Shop for Western Party Invitations on Amazon.

Western Party Decorations

There are lots of party decoration ideas available for your teen western party. Think "old west" and let you imagination go from there.

Some ideas are...

  • Hay Bales
  • Wagon Wheels
  • Wanted posters, with your friends as the “wanted” ones. Make up fun nicknames for these wanted folks.
  • Red Checkered Tablecloths
  • Serve drinks out of Mason Jars
  • Serve food on tin plates
  • Western scene setters  - Have you heard of scene setters? They are a really easy way to totally transform your party area. I love to use them at my parties!
  • Ever been out west? The number of stars in the sky are amazing! Recreate that look by hanging little white lights (Christmas lights) up in your house (or in the trees if an outdoor party.
  • Western Party Decorations & Favors at Amazon
  • Is the party outdoors? If so, build a campfire.

  • Western Teen Party Games

    Having some activites or teen birthday party games planned can keep your friends from getting bored. Here are some suggestions for western themed teen party games:

  • Play Horseshoes
  • Have Sack Race Bags
  • Dancing! Let's do some boot scootin' boogie to the Cotton-eyed Joe!
  • Talk Like a Cowboy (say “howdy pardner”, call the food “chuck”, and the party a “shindig”)
  • Hit a pinata shaped like a boot, cactus or other western themed item.
  • Play some games from our teen party game list.
  • Country Karaoke or a sing-a-long of Western cowboy songs or current country hits
  • Is this a golden birthday? If so, make sure you include a gold hunt, panning for gold, or something gold related! What is a golden birthday?

  • Teenage Slumber Party

    If you are planning teen western party sleepover, there are even more fun things teen party ideas to include.

  • Watch the Young Guns movie
  • Do a craft – paint horseshoes
  • Make necklaces and bracelets from strips of bandanas and beads
  • Horse stable nearby? Head out of the house for a horseback ride

  • Birthday Cake Ideas for a Teen Western Party

  • A teenage birthday party must have a cake! Here are links to photos of different cakes on our website that can inspire you!
  • Cake in the Shape of a Boot
  • A Horse Theme Cake
  • A Guitar Cake (all cowboys have guitars, right?)
  • A cake in the shape horseshoe, or the State of Texas (or your favorite wild west state)

  • Western Party Favors

    Teen parties don't have to have a favor, but it is sometime fun to pass out something anyway that can be used during the party, like cowboy hats, horseshoes or bandanas.

    Tell us about your great teen party idea!

    Do you have a great party idea? Share it!

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