by Makayla
(Dallas Texas)

Have a nail professional come!!!!!

Even better than doing your own manicures, having a pro will be fun.

Call a nail spa and ask very politely can about 3-5 people come to ur house....Some places may be willing to do it afterhours to earn some extra money. Then tell them how do u girls all want ur nails done ...

I hope u like it......:)

Lisa says: This could be a great idea to do at any party - such as a spa party, a manicure party, or with any theme. (Blacklight neon nails, etc.) Everyone loves to be pampered, and having someone come in and do it is an extra special touch.

If you can't bring someone in, set the mood yourself. Have polishes available, along with nail decals or stickers to give a really unique look.

Thanks for sharing your slumber party idea!

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