Hotel Sleepovers

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Many people plan slumber parties away from home. Sometimes there just isn't the space at home, or there may be a sick family member or other things happening at home to prevent having a slumber party.

Here are some slumber party planning tips that might come in handy for a hotel sleepover.

When going to a hotel, you still do all the normal slumber party activities, but it all takes place at a hotel. You can still use slumber party ideas, do sleepover crafts and play slumber party games.

The big difference is that that you will want to be considerate of other hotel guests.

First, if doing a hotel slumber party, make sure that it is OK with the hotel. It is much better to be up front with them. They may even be able to place you in rooms away from other guests so you don't have to worry about being quiet!

Next, reserve a group of guest rooms in your chosen hotel. Make sure you have some adult chaperones, and make it clear on the invitation, otherwise your friends might not be able to come!

A great money saving tip: Many people who do a sleepover at a hotel look for one that has an indoor pool and free breakfast.

Sometimes a hotel overnight party can turn into a destination party, with the guests all ending up back at the hotel for bedtime (right!).

If going to a hotel is out of the question, it may be possible to use a room at your local community center or church hall.

Have fun!

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