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Everyone loves the Oscars, so why not throw an Oscar Party? You and your friends can gather round to have an Academy Award Watching Party. Actually, you can do this party with any award show, from the Tonys, to the Golden Globes, to the MTV Awards and everything in between!

Here are some adult party ideas for a Hollywood Award watching party...

Oscar Party Games Pack

Tips and Adult Party Game Ideas for a great Oscar Party

  • Make sure you that the number of guests you invite is no larger than what your "viewing" room can handle.

  • Before the awards begin, let everyone make out their own ballot as to who they think will win. At the end of the night, award a prize - such as an Oscar Statuette for the best predictions. Have a ballot for the guests to record their choice for special awards - the "Best and the Worst" - best dress, best hair, best speech...worst dress, worst hair, worst speech...you get the idea! At the end of the night, award prizes for the guests for funniest comments!
    • For commercial breaks, or before (or after) the Oscars, play some games...Such as cutting out celebrity smiles from magazines. Place on a poster, hang it up, and let everyone to try figure out which smile goes to which celebrity.
    • Another fun game is to play a sort of Whose Line is it Anyway. Divide guests into teams, give them random props and a situation or theme, and have them create a skit as they act it out until you ring a bell.
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    Creating the Mood at your Oscar Watching Party

    A big part of every theme party is going to be the decorations. Here are some fun ideas from the Hollywood Party page on this site:

  • Bubbles in champagne bottles as favors
  • "Oscar" statue trophies - GREAT to use if you are going to be giving out awards for games.
  • Incorporate Gold Stars into your decorations
  • Use Movie Popcorn Buckets to hold chips, dips, etc.
  • Own a Movie Director Chair? Time to get it out to use as seating at the party.
  • Red Carpet Runner
  • Hollywood Clapboards can be used as signs for food, as decorations, or scattered around the room.
  • Use Film Reel Decorations in your centerpieces.
    Hollywood Clapboard

    Have you been to a great Academy Award Watching Party? If so, comment below to share all the details!

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    Oscar Party Ideas

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