Haunted Hotel Slumber Party

by Kenzie

A haunted hotel party is an awesome sleepover to have at Halloween or anytime. Some of these ideas I got from a magazine but most of it thought of myself.

Main concept:

Your guest are at a haunted hotel hotel filled with creepy fun.


I went all out on decorations! For the entry I had a table out in front like a check in desk. I typed out a check in form with funny questions and statements like : we are not responsible if you do not make it the whole night.

We wanted dry ice or a fog machine but since we couldn't get one we hung up sheets to make the room look creepy. If you take glow in the dark fabric paint and make shapes like goofy face on plastic wrap when it dries you can peel them of and stick them on things like photos. I cut up a lot of bats from black paper and taped them on the ceiling. I put signs on all the rooms with room numbers like A1 and B1 the one we slept in I had 2B. I took stuffing and stretched it out to look like cob webs and put them everywhere. Then I took my brothers old skeleton costume and put it in the entry room closet so that only the arm was sticking out. Then I put a sign on the door that said janitors closet. When people walked in I said "please excuse the cob webs our janitor died... Er... I mean quit."


The invitations looked like a coupon on one side that said a free night at the Blue Wolf Inn ( my hotel name you can call your anything) if you can make it all night! On the other side it had all the party info.


We had pizza for dinner cause it's easy. I also have snacks out like chips and m&ms. I had soda and water out to drink. For breakfast we had pancakes and bacon (also cause it's easy) but we did have a haunted ice cream bar for desert. We had a bucket of ice cream and a lot of creepy cool ice cream.


We went swimming in the "hotel pool" since I actually had this party in the beginning of August but since I live in Ohio it was freezing so we didn't swim much but a night swim with just the pool lights on was still creepy and awesome!

ROB YOUR NEIGHBOR: you never know what ghost might steal your candy! I love this game and play it at almost all my sleepovers. I renamed it candy thief for my party. The only downside is that you have to buy a lot of candy. I don't want to explain the rules so just google "rob your neighbor candy game" and you should find it. Just remember to get braces friendly candy if you have any guest that have them.

GHOST GOO: we had an awesome silly string fight! You can get cans for just $1 each and I gave each guest 2. It was so much fun but it is a lot to clean up!

MOVIE: after we all settled down I made popcorn and we watched Hotel Transylvania. Perfect movie for a haunted hotel sleepover, right?

I had so much fun at this party it was by far the best one I have planned. Sorry for it being long but I just want yours to be as awesome as mine. It may seem expensive but I stayed around my $30 budget. (went a little over with all the candy) I already had a lot of the material. Oh and one more thing:

To make it more exciting and haunted I ask my brothers for help. I asked them to hide notes but my friends knew it was them . But the worst is that I asked my brothers to put on the skeleton costumes and scare my friends late at night. But when my friend woke up and saw them, she freaked out and attack them! So yeah... That didn't work. Thank you :)

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