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Want to plan a party that is easy but fun? Need game ideas? What about great ideas for your event in general?

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If you are like me when it comes time to throw a party, it seems there is always a combination of too little time, too little money, but still lots of desire to throw a great event!

I think you’ll love these tips and tricks to make your planning easy, along with activities, themes, recipes, decorations, and much, much more. Whether you need a little inspiration (or a lot!), you are sure to find something you need.

Everything you'll find on this site has been tried successfully by myself, a friend, a trusted resource or a site visitor just like you! I am adding to it and updating it continually, and I hope you'll add your own ideas to this site to help it grow and become an even more helpful guide for others all around the world.

Not just a resource of ideas, I will also help you find links for shopping where you can purchase items you need quickly and inexpensively, along with links to really great, clear and easy to follow DIY instructions, as well as info on where you can find just a little more inspiration.

Where to begin? It's easy. Check out the Tips Page which includes a Top Ten List of ideas and tips for planning your party.

Make sure you visit the giant lists of theme and game ideas! They can be reached thru the most visited pages which are linked below for your convenience. Whether planning a celebration that is big or'll find it all...including lots of games you can play at home and away. As a matter of fact, I think it is one of the best collection of games you'll find anywhere! The website is conveniently broken up into different categories based on age, so no matter the age range of your event, from 0 - 110, you are sure to find something here that you can use.

Some of our most popular pages are:

Best Adult Birthday Ideas
Huge List of Adult Party Ideas
Fun Adult Games
Bunco Rules and Score Sheets
Bridal and Baby Showers
Holiday Party Games
Top themes for Teen Parties
Cool and Crazy Games for Teens
Kid Birthday Games, Themes and Decor
Tween Celebrations
Sweet and simple Sleepover Games and Ideas
Cheap Supplies and Decorations

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And thanks for making me your partner in planning!


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