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Slumber party planning comes in handy, especially when planning your first sleepover!

Here are some slumber party tips to keep in mind for your parties!

Hints for Great Slumber Party Planning

  • Plan your guest list carefully. Know your guests – will everyone get along?

  • Limit the number of guests to a number you can handle – both space-wise and patience-wise!
  • If this is your first sleepover, chances are it may be the first for some of your guests as well. Share a tentative schedule and movie choices with the other parents so they have a chance to let you know if they have a concern.

  • Plan LOTS of slumber party food and snacks. A well-fed guest is a happy guest!
  • Plan LOTS of activities that everyone can do on their own. Craft kits work great for this. You can combine with a snack too – such as letting the kids make their own pizzas.

  • Avoid serving stimulants - chocolate, caffeine and carbonated drinks.

  • Put away pets.

  • Have extra blankets available if it is cold.

  • When guests arrive, set the ground rules right away.

  • Set up a place for guests to get to sleep – especially if some want to go to sleep earlier than others.

  • Movies are a part of many sleepovers. Choose a film that everyone will enjoy. Here are some ideas for Sleepover Party Movies.

  • Have night lights available, so everyone can see if they need to get up in the night (one fun idea is to give everyone a flashlight as a party favor - they can have fun with them when the lights are turned out).

  • Be prepared for "accidents". There is a surprisingly large number of the population that has difficulty staying dry at night. If there is an accident, do not call attention to the child. They didn't do it on purpose! If everyone is awake, just blot the carpet while the children are distracted elsewhere and give them a new sleeping bag or blanket, along with a pair of pj's or large t-shirt to wear. Remove the wet bedding and place it preferably outside so it can dry out and air out. If the other kids do notice don't let them do any teasing - it truly can happen to anyone!

  • Find out where parents will be in case you need to call them.

  • Make sure you set a pick-up time with the parents for the next morning. An early time, just after breakfast, works best!

  • Don't allow slumber party pranks!

  • When everyone wakes up, have them roll up their sleeping bags, etc. and put htem by the front door. That way they'll be out of the way and it will be easier to walk. 

  • Good luck! 

  • Been down this road before? If you're experienced at having the gang over and are looking for ideas, visit slumber party planning ideas for a teen with lots of slumber party games, themes and activities for you to choose from!

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