Sleepover Pranks

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I get lots of requests for ideas for sleepover pranks. I have to admit, many of them I just don't like!

Instead, I think it is better to have fun together.

You don't want to embarrass someone you care about - and that is what a lot of traditional pranks are about.

You won't find any of those here, and if you are going that direction, I'll ask you to consider: would you like that same trick played on you? On your sister, best friend or someone else that you really love? Probably not! So think before you act.

If you do want to do a prank, do one that gets everyone at the same time. Nothing to embarrass, but rather something that is fun or funny.

You'll find some examples of fun and safe slumber party pranks below.

Fun and Safe Sleepover Pranks

  • Cover a box (one that is the size of a cake) with frosting, so that it really looks like a cake. When you go to cut a slice it won't be a real cake.

  • Serve a meal on the table without plates, forks, etc. You can cover a table with a disposable table cloth, then when ready to serve a meal such as spaghetti, just dump it on the table, and have everyone eat with their hands!

  • We did a twist on toilet papering, and turned it into a true tp slumber party prank!

  • If you'll be sleeping in beds, you can short-sheet them.

  • A visitor to this site shared this slumber party prank game: Cover the floor with a disposable table cloth and place eggs randomly on it. Cover with another table cloth. Have players leave the room and replace the eggs with potato chips (won't be as messy). Each player then takes a turn walking across the cloth blindfolded. Whoever makes it across without stepping on an "egg" wins.

  • Break open a pinata that is empty or has something useless inside that no one would be interested in.

  • Along that same line, play a gift exchange game (you provide the "gifts"). Make the gifts though totally random.

  • Another visitor shared this one: At a summer camp, when the boys were out of their cabin, the girls went in and covered their cabin with pink streams, Barbie posters and that sort of thing. The boys were really surprised!!

  • TPing is popular, but make sure that it is OK to do in your community.

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