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At a Star Slumber Party, your wish upon a star will come true!

Star Light Star Bright
First Star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Star Light Star Bright

The theme for this slumber party could be easily called "Star Light Star Bright", "It is in the Stars", "Wish Upon a Star"...countless possibilities!

No matter what you call it, this list of easy party ideas and games is a fun way to celebrate a birthday or any time you want to have a sleepover.

Star Slumber Party Invitations

Make an invitation in the shape of a star. Write the details on one side. Cover the other side with glitter!

Star Sleepover Party Decorations

Place glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of the room where you’ll be sleeping, hang stars from the ceiling, or even better, sleep under the stars!

Decorate with black, dark blue with silver stars.

Star Slumber Party Crafts and Activities

  • Wish on a Star

  • Use a telescope or binoculars to view the stars

  • Before the party, check the internet for star charts to find out which stars you’ll be able to see the night of your party. Keep it handy so you’ll know what you are looking at when you gaze at the stars.

  • Make smores. If there is no campfire or fireplace, you can still make them in your microwave or over the kitchen stove.

  • Star Slumber Party Games

  • Flashlight Hunt - A great outside game to play in the dark with flashlights... Read details of how to add a flashlight hunt to your star slumber party

  • Fortune Teller Game - You’ll need four paper sacks. You’ll also need a pencil and 4 slips of paper per guest. On the 1st paper sack, write “Job”. On the 2nd paper sack, write “husband”. On the 3rd paper sack, write “city”. On the 4th paper sack, write “Number of children”. Then have each guest write something on a slip of paper for each sack and place the slip in the matching sack. Then, one at a time, draw a slip from each bag to read the fortune. One fortune might be “Lisa will have a job as a zookeeper, marry Rob, live in Paris, and have 9 children!” (The crazier the answers, the better! This can be played over and over)

  • Fortune Teller Game #2 - Draw a circle on a piece of paper by tracing a plate. With a pencil divide the circle into 6 sections. In the different sections, write one word in each, such as “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”, “Probably”, “Ask Again” and “I’m not telling!”. Then, take turns asking a question and flipping a coin onto the paper to get your fortune!

  • Left Foot Art - Sit on the floor with no shoes and try to draw a star left foot.

  • Observation (variation of the game) - You’ll need a small star sticker for each person, along with something they can write on. Give each person their sticker and piece of paper. Have each player secretly hide their star sticker somewhere on themselves, but in plain sight. Then, have everyone go around and try to locate the stars by writing them down. Whoever has found all the stars first wins!

  • Once Upon a Time… - Sit in a circle and let the host tell a story. They’ll start with a sentence to get the story rolling. Then the next person in the circle will tell what happened next in one sentence. Go around the circle 3 times to complete the story! (with a small group you may want to go around the circle more times than that)!

  • Shadows - Use a flashlight to make shadows on the wall with your hands in the shapes of animals, faces, etc.

  • Pinata - Break open a star shaped pinata. All About Pinatas (including how to make your own!)

  • More Slumber Party Games you can use for your Star Slumber Party!

  • Star Party Birthday Cake Ideas

    A Star Shaped Cake!

    Star Theme Party Favors

    Print out a star chart or purchase keepsake Star and Sky Maps

    Your Turn! What made your slumber party great?

    Did you have a great time at your slumber party? Tell us about it!

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