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Here are some great ideas for you to use when planning your 50's party or sock hop!

This is also a great idea for a 50th Birthday Party!

50s Party Ideas and Games

There is something special about the 1950's. Even people who weren't born yet seem to feel an affinity for it.

Perhaps it was the birth of rock and roll, or perhaps it was a coming of age for much of the country.

The US enjoyed much prosperity during this time, and Americans lived the "American Dream."

No doubt about it, the 1950's is a favorite time in history, and is always great for adult party ideas!

50's Retro Apparel

50's Party Invitations

  • Cut out a poodle skirt shape from pink card stock, add a black poodle sticker. Write your invitation details on the back.
  • Cut out black card stock to look like a 45 record. Create a label and put your invitation details on the label.
  • Shop a complete line of 50's theme invitations available to purchase. These are some of my favorites:

    Fifties Party Decorations

  • Balloons in hot pink, black, and turquoise
  • Old Fashioned Roller Skates
  • Soda Fountain Glasses
  • 1950's looking toy cars
  • Fuzzy Dice - makes a great party favor at the end of your party too!
  • 45 Record Cut-out Decorations, or cut black card stock in the shape of 45 records, decorate with glitter and hang on the walls or from the ceiling.
  • Music Note Decorations

    Looking for something not suggested already? These pages have 50's party items already pulled up for you to view!
  • Collection of 50s Decorations at Amazon
  • Collection of 1950's Party Decorations & Favors at Shindigz
  • Don't forget about a great place for photos! This one is so fun!:
    3 ft. 11 in. 1950's Car Standee

    1950 Era Party Music

    What are the 1950's without music?

  • Elvis
  • American Graffitti Soundtrack
  • Jerry Lee Lewis
  • There are some great compilation CD’s available or you can create and download your own playlist.

  • 50s Party Ideas and Games

    Perfect Party Food

  • Think...carhops/soda fountains...
  • If serving a meal, hotdogs and hamburgers (serve in red plastic baskets)
  • Ice Cream Floats (see below on how to make one)

  • How to Make an Ice Cream Float

    You'll need:

    • Tall Glass and a Straw
    • Ice Cream (vanilla is traditional)
    • Coke (or soda of your choice)
    • Optional: Whipped Cream
    • Optional: Nuts, Sprinkles, Cherry

    To make, it's very simple! Pour the soda into the glass until it is 2/3 full. Gently add ice cream on top. If you wish, top with whipped cream, then nuts, sprinkles and cherry. Add the straw and enjoy!

    Fun 1950's Activities

  • Have guests wear costumes (Poodle Skirts, bowling shirts, preppy) and award a prize. A great place for 50's style clothing is BowlingShirt.com.
  • Want to make your own costume? Hire an Elvis Impersonator (1950’s version Elvis) or have a friend dress as Elvis and perform
  • Hula Hoop Contest
  • Bubble-Gum Blowing Contest Stock up on Bubble Gum!
  • I Love Lucy Trivia Contest (Give an I Love Lucy DVD as a prize)
  • Have a Sock Hop with dancing
  • Have someone teach how to do the popular dances from the 1950's

  • 1950 Birthday pack + FREE Party Games

    Party Prizes and Party Favors

  • I Love Lucy DVD
  • Happy Days TV Show DVD
  • 1950’s Music CD
  • Soda Fountain Glasses 
  • Fuzzy Dice
  • Small bags of Bubble Gum
  • Anything with an icon from the 1950’s on it, including celebrities such as Lucy or Elvis

  • Fifties Party Costumes

    A great place for poodle skirts, bowling shirts, satin jackets and more is BowlingShirt.com They have a long history of making customers happy and even ship internationally. Their products aren't just made to be costumes, but are made to last, and are priced very competitively with an authentic look! Don't hesitate to contact them for your outfit!

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