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It is fun to have have some activities and slumber party crafts at your girls sleepover.

No matter what craft you pick or what ideas you use, the important thing to remember is that it is best to have a craft or activity that your guests can design and do by themselves. You don't want to plan stuff that needs a lot of explanation or supervision.

It is much better to have a project that is "open ended" - you provide the idea, lots of supplies, and then let the girls do their own thing.

Depending on what crafts you provide, you may want to set up a craft table. Other times a craft can be done while laying around the floor watching a movie. 

Choices for Slumber Party Crafts

Some great ideas for easy and fun crafts at a slumber party are:

Create Edible Crafts - One fun idea is to use refrigerated bread sticks dough to shape into letters, then bake!

Create Edible Jewelry - string Lifesavers, candy, gum, popcorn, cereal, etc. on a string or even onto string licorice!

Decorate Cupcakes - Need we say more? Cupcakes are fun to make, decorate, and then eat during the party!

Decorate a banner - Hang up a large piece of butcher paper (or lay it out on the floor if you have room) and let everyone decorate it with washable markers.

Decorate Friendship Bracelets or Anklets - Each girl can make them for herself, or trade with another guest.

Decorate Hats - create designs on paper bag hats with paint! Add sequins, glitter, tulle, and another other items you might have in your craft box.

Decorate and Sign Pillowcases - provide a pillowcase to each guest, have them decorate and then sign each other's case with waterproof markers. This is a really popular idea, especially for a first slumber party.

Decorate T-shirts - provide t-shirts and apparel paint or waterproof markers so guests can decorate and sign each other's shirt as a memento of the party.

Craft with your Theme - Pick a craft that can go along with your theme. For example, if you love books, and you are having a Book Lover's Slumber Party, then make cute bookmarks!

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