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A 60's Party makes a great party theme!

"Thank You Thank You Thank You.
I was looking for a really special 50th Birthday theme for my girl friend's surprise birthday party and I really wanted everyone to participate and with costuming it for the 60's not everybody is into it but your idea of just jeans and t-shirt and sweatband and maybe a vest was so cool I got so excited.
-Anne Marie in Alberta

Celebrate the decade of the Beatles, Laugh In and Woodstock!

This is an era of lots of color, returning to nature and "letting it all hang out". It is a really fun party for decorating, because you can go with the tie-dye look, love beads and daisies.

I once threw a 1960's theme party for a friend who was celebrating a birthday, and she was born in 1968. So, the theme fit perfectly. Everyone dressed in costume, and it was actually a surprise party. She sure was surprised and really loved that everyone went the extra effort to do a theme. Great fun!

1960s Party Invitations

Tie-Dye Paper Designs work great!

Decorate a plain invitation with peace sign stamps.

1960s Party Decorations

  • Love beads hanging in the doorways
  • Daisies
  • Peace signs
  • Beatles posters and photos
  • Photos from Woodstock Bands
  • 45 records
  • Lava Lamps
  • Colored light bulbs
  • Incense and candles

  • 1960's Theme Party Music

    Sixties Music, of course!

    60’s Party Games and Activities

  • Have everyone dress in 60's attire and award prizes for the best
  • Apply temporary tattoos of daisies or peace signs
  • Make daisy chains (necklaces, bracelets and headbands out of flowers)
  • Pass out flower crowns (use a needle to thread them)
  • Tie-dye t-shirts
  • Learn some sixties dances
  • Play Laugh-In reruns on the TV (or other classic 60’s comedy tv shows – Addams Family, Munsters, Bewitched, Beverly Hillbillies…)
  • Play Name that tune from the 60’s

  • Celebrate with Party Favors

    I always include some sort of "parting gift" to my guests after a party. How about...

    Tiedye t-shirts or other tiedye items

    Candles or Incense

    Anything with a peace sign

    60’s Birthday Cake Ideas

    Every good party needs a cake, especially if you are celebrating an adult or teen birthday. Some fun cake designs for a Sixties or Woodstock party theme are:

  • Daisy Cake
  • Peace Sign Cake
  • Tie-Dye Cake

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