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Talent Show Party

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A talent show party may be your perfect teen party theme if your idea of a good time is...

...acting crazy with your friends

...singing karaoke

...acting crazy with your friends

...making up and putting on skits

...acting crazy with your friends

I think you're getting the idea... The idea of a talent show teen party is to let everyone get a turn doing their "talent" – everyone who wants one that is!

Sometimes the best "talent acts" are those that are really "no talent" - such as someone who really can't sing, a really bad skit, etc.

No worries if someone doesn’t want to participate, it's all good. You need good audience members too.

And don't forget to video!

Talent Show Theme Party Invitations

Make a billboard flyer telling about the upcoming talent show. Tell guests to come prepared to do some sort of talent (and give them some suggestions).

Make sure that your guests know that they can help “judge” the event, even if they don’t want to participate.

Some guests may want to team up and come up with "new talents" on the spot!

Talent Show Party Decorations

  • metallic stars on the walls and from the ceiling.
  • Set up a stage area that will give the performers plenty of room.
  • Hanging metallic fringe curtains REALLY dresses up the performance space and makes a great photo backdrop!

  • Talent Show Suggestions for your Friends

  • If your friends are wondering what to do, here are some ideas for their talent:
  • Tell a joke
  • Sing a song
  • Do a dance
  • Recite a poem
  • Do air guitar
  • Whatever you can think of!
  • Do an improvisation skit
  • Do a scene from a movie
  • Do a magic trick
  • Play a musical instrument

  • How about Taking the Talent Show Party In a Different Direction?

    A fun variation…instead of a Talent Show…

    Have a No Talent, Talent Show!

    To do this, have a pretend talent show to see who has the least talent!

    Some ideas are telling (bad) jokes, reciting a (bad) poem, playing with a band (badly – maybe on kazoo’s?), singing (badly) karaoke, magic tricks (badly done), dancing (bad), etc.

    You can team up players so they can work together if this wish to come up with the worst act possible.

    Give awards for the best (I mean worst!)

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  • Learn a new talent! Use a flashlight to make shadows on the wall with your hands in the shapes of animals.
    Play Celebrity 20 Questions
  • If this is a teenage birthday party, you'll need a cake. A good choice would be making a star shaped cake
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  • For a Fun Teenage Sleepover

  • Watch reruns of American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, America's Got Talent or other talent shows. Let everyone vote for who like like best.

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  • Teenage Party Favors

    Fun teen party favors that go great with this theme are:
  • Autograph Books (Amazon)
  • Anything star shaped, for all your "talent stars"
  • One of the best sources for party favors is  Beau-coup. (Affiliate Link)

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