by April
(Lilburn, GA USA)

I gave my slumber party at my house when I was about 11 years old. We held it in the rec room of my home. I had about 8 girls there and we were all close friends to prevent any clicks from forming.

We had a "scary night" theme. We rented some scary movies, turned the lights down low and layed out a big "pallet" on the floor with tons of pillows so we could cuddle up. My mom made some "scary" snacks with "eyeballs" for ice which she froze in little circles with food coloring. Our punch bowl had a "hand" in it which was a frozen liquid inside a latex glove. We carved pumpkins and told ghost stories, too. We made invitations with black construction paper and red and white ink with pictures of ghosts on the front.

We decorated with candles and scary music.

We made little cupcakes with black icing and orange and red swirls on them.

We went out in the back yard where my dad chased us around dressed in his scary halloween costume.

We watched "April Fools" and most of the Friday the 13th movies.

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Horror Sleepover RATED 1-10 from scariness bout 4
by: Savannah

We started with a cheese pizza, because all kids were pretty picky and they all like pizza, of course! Then we had cake, ice cream cake (homemade). So then we opened gifts. Then all the people from the birthday party that COULD NOT played a game called "If you die, I die". Then we made our own movies. We also ate lots and lots of POPCORN! Then we fell asleep and woke up. Our friends left that morning and we had remembered a GREAT sleepover!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

I'm doing the same but you couldve put some games you would play at a scary party (light as a feather stiff as a board, bloody mary, etc.). Thanks for the snack ideas

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