Scrapbooking Party

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Scrapbooking is so popular, and a scrapbooking theme works great for adults or a teen party. It is also a very popular slumber party idea (for adults and teens!)

Here are some helpful hints for planning your own party.

  • If your guests don't have their own, provide an assortment of all the tools needed - including scissors, markers, colored pencils, scrapbook papers, photo safe glue sticks, stickers, etc.
  • You can find some great papers and supplies at craft stores and online.
  • Make sure you have enough space for everyone and the projects you'll be doing.
  • Protect youir surfaces with a disposable table cloth or butcher paper.
  • Serve snacks that won't be messy - pretzels work great. Best to set up snacks in a different area.
  • Hat Game - Have a wacky hat for someone to wear. Whenever someone asks to be passed a specific item, they have to wear the hat. At different intervals when a timer goes off, give a prize to the person wearing the hat!
  • Award prizes for who completes the most pages or have secret vote for who has the most creative page.
  • Scrapbooks can be created for a memory of just one specific event. For example, at a sleepover, the girls took photos from the time they got there until they went to bed. Parents then printed out the photos and the next morning each of the girls got a copy of the set of photos, and had little photos albums and stickers to assemble memory albums of the event. Plan a sleepover scrapbooking party with these slumber party ideas.
  • You don't have to limit yourself to scrapbooking photos. Scrapbooking favorite recipes is another fun idea for those who like to cook or for cooking theme parties.
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