Girls Night In

by Chris
(Chicago, IL USA)

We had an awesome slumber party when I was 16. My folks let me have 8 girls sleep over one night at our house in a Chicago suburb. We didn't have a theme other than "boys". I called 8 of my friends to invite them and all of their Mom's called mine to make sure it was ok and to find out if my parents were going to be at home.

I did put streamers up in my bedroom to make it a little festive, but we didn't really need them. We had soft drinks, chips, dip, candy and cake for everyone. No one drank bottled water back then but today I would have that too and probably some healthier snacks. We played Twister and phoned boys all night long. We were going to watch a movie (Love Story) but never got around to it.

The cake we had was just a sheet cake with alot of icing...nothing fancy.

Of course no one went to sleep until the sun came up...including my parents. We laughed all night long as we told stories about our boyfriends...some of which was probably true.

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