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Are you searching for a work at home opportunity?

The Work from Home Delimma

As a mom, I have found myself looking for ways to help bring money into the household, while still staying home with my kids!

I’ve done a lot of party and event planning, but the work is not steady, and it requires a large time commitment.

Along the way, I (or one of my friends) tried one work from home idea or another, but usually ended up spending more money than we ever made!

I wanted to be a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), but how could I? Costs kept going up and the list of things we wanted to provide for our kids kept growing.

What to do?

YOU can do this!

One night my husband came home telling me about something he had read. It was all about creating a website or blog, providing great (and free) information in your area of expertise, and generating income in the meantime! He said “this is something you could SO do!!”

Well, it was easy to figure out what the topic my website would be – parties, games, and all things having to do with entertaining.

Where do I begin?

The next part, though, creating a website, was more of a challenge. Even though my husband was a computer programmer, I didn’t know anything about it, and with our busy schedules I knew that I needed to be able to create a website, make changes, and manage it on my own to be successful with a work at home website.

I also did a bit of research and learned that to be successful, you need to understand things like keywords, Alexa rankings, and being able to deliver what your readers are searching for, among a host of other things. How on earth was I going to find time to do that?!

That is when we heard about Site Build it, also known as SBI. I read about SBI and watched their video. I was already pretty excited about it. But I had my doubts. Would this turn out like other ideas? Or would I realize my work at home dream?

"Our doubts are traitors; and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt." --William Shakespeare

The more I researched, the more I was drawn back to the SBI video presentation.

More information...

In searching the internet, I found more evidence of SBI’s success. I found a website by a man named Elad who said "My goal was to build an online business that would generate an income equal (or greater, of course) to the salary I was earning. And also wouldn't be dependant on any country's economy (as my country's economy is in shambles...)."
~ Elad Shippony,

Sounds good to me!!

Another example came from another mom...

"I feel so fortunate to be a part of it and I suppose I'd be considered "one of the lucky ones," living the best of both worlds... at home to raise my kids, giving them the gift of always being there for them, while running a successful business at the same time. Passion, freedom and fulfillment... does it get any better?!"
~ Michelle Schill,

Should we...?

What happened next? After looking it all over, I was sure that SBI’s process is so simplified, that if you follow their plan and use their tools, success will come (even for a beginner like me). For an experienced person, achieving success is even smoother.

Even better, they have a Money-Back Satisfaction & Success Guarantee. What did I have to lose?

Everyone is an expert about something

Let’s face it. Everyone is an expert about something. Share your knowledge with your own website. If done correctly, income will follow, one step at a time. This isn’t a get rich scheme. It takes time to study everything and make sure it is done right.

But the really great thing about SBI is that they remove the technical barriers, allowing you to keep your attention on building your business. Many functions are completely automated. You don't need to know anything upfront about building a web site in order to succeed!

And the tools that SBI has at your disposal are incredible.

The end result

Being home with my kids, contributing income to the family, and working on a project that I really enjoy…how does it get any better than that? I can truly work at home!

I love it. My husband love it. And my kids love it.

Go for it!

Solo Build It! really does change lives. It is changing mine. It’s really exciting!

Are you looking for ...

  • A work at home opportunity that will give you the chance to be there for the kids when they need mom or dad?
  • A flexible job that can be done anytime from home (or anywhere) without a schedule, bosses, or even customers?
  • Something with a proven success record and a risk-free guarantee? This may be just what you are looking for… Join me at Solo Build It! and write your own success story! Check it out! Best wishes, Lisa at
  • What will be your Work at Home story?

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