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I have collected a huge list of girl slumber party games and activities for your next sleepover!

Best Slumber Party Games

These games also work great as teen party games or tween party games.

Blind Van Gogh - Divide players into pairs, and have one of the players in each pair blindfolded. Set a timer for two minutes and show the partner (who can see) an object. The seeing partner then describes the object without saying what it is while the blindfolded player tries to draw it with a pencil on a piece of paper. To make it fair, each team should have the same object. When time is up, take the blindfolds off and let the "artists" see how well their drawing looks like what they were supposed to draw.

Board Games - Have some board games handy that everyone can play as a group...such as bingo, Twister, Cranium, etc. Check our our list of great board games to play as slumber party games.

Bunco! - A great game that is easy to play if you have enough guests and the space to play it!

Cahootie - The classic cootie catcher gets a new twist.

Circle Laugh - Lie down in a circle with heads on each other's stomachs and see who can keep from laughing!

Drawing Game - Fun slumber party games for players to play in pairs.

Find the Leader - The Find the Leader Game is a wacky version of Follow the Leader, where the person who is "it" tries to figure out exactly who is the leader! This party game can leave you scratching your head!

Flashlight Hunts - These slumber party games best as an outside game to be played in the dark with flashlights...

Fortune Teller Game - This is one of our favorite slumber party games at my house. You'll need four paper sacks. You'll also need a pencil and 4 slips of paper per guest. On the 1st paper sack, write "Job". On the 2nd paper sack, write "husband". On the 3rd paper sack, write "city". On the 4th paper sack, write "Number of children". Then have each guest write something on a slip of paper for each sack and place the slip in the matching sack. Then, one at a time, draw a slip from each bag to read the fortune. One fortune might be "Lisa will have a job as a zookeeper, marry Rob, live in Paris, and have 9 children!" (The crazier the answers, the better! This can be played over and over)

Fortune Teller Game #2 - Draw a circle on a piece of paper by tracing a plate. With a pencil divide the circle into 6 sections. In the different sections, write one word in each, such as "Yes", "No", "Maybe", "Probably", "Ask Again" and "I'm not telling!". Then, take turns asking a question and flipping a coin onto the paper to get your fortune!

Game Show - Create your own game show with games of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Are you Smarter than a 5th grader, Wheel of Fortune, etc.

Favorite Girl Games - Games that can be used as slumber party games that are favorites just for girls!

Glow Olympics - If you are thinking of having a black light party then consider turning it in to an olympic event!

Hula Hoop Contest - Who can go the longest?

Karaoke - always fun! If you don't have a Karaoke machine, then just do it the old-fashioned way! Simply sing-a-long with your favorite song. Use a pretend microphone. Still fun!

Keep Talking - You'll need a bowl full of words written on slips of paper. Words should be things…such as tree, table, traffic light, broccoli, etc., and a timer. To play, have a player pull out a slip of paper, which will be their "topic". Have them talk about their "topic" for two minutes, without getting off-topic! After their two minutes is up, have the next person take a turn!

Left Foot Art - Sit on the floor with no shoes and draw using your left foot.

Light as a Feather- Are you light as a feather or stiff as a board? A classic!!  

Slumber Party Games

Limbo - How low can you go? If you don't have a limbo stick, use a boa or a flashlight beam!

Mad-Libs - Always a hit.

M&M Hunt Game - Everyone loves M&Ms and everyone loves scavenger-type treasure hunts for slumber party games! One of our favorites!

Makeup Artist - You'll need makeup: lipstick, loose powder and blush. Stay away from things that could injure an eye, such as eye shadow (unless applying with a cotton ball) and no mascara (too scary to try to do!). Divide players into teams. One player is the model, and their teammate is the make up artist. The makeup artist has 2 minutes to put makeup on their model. But must do it blindfolded! The other players who aren't taking their turn can give out directions on what to do such as "higher, lower, over to the left," etc.!

Mosquito Game - This is great to play at a camping themed slumber party, but is so much fun we thought we'd include it on our master list. Give each player a sheet of dot stickers (preferably red!) that will represent mosquito bites. Throughout the evening, try to get rid of your stickers by giving the others players & mosquito bites! Do this by secretly placing stickers on other players. Be careful...if you are caught you have to keep your mosquito bite sticker. The first player to get rid of their stickers is the winner!

Murder Mystery - Before the party, cut a slip of paper for each guest. On one place an X, and on another write Detective. All other slips of paper should be blank. Have everyone draw a slip of paper, with only the player who draws the detective slip telling the others that he is the detective. Whoever draws the "X" will be the murderer. The detective will leave the room. Turn out the lights. The players move about the room, and the murderer will give someone a big hug to "murder" them. The victim counts to 10, and then screams, falling down on the floor "dead". (Counting to 10 gives the murderer a chance to get away). The detective comes back in the room and can question all the "living" players until they find the murderer!

Observation -You'll need: one different small item per person (a paper clip, safety pin, sticker, bandaid, or anything that can stick or be fastened on). Secretly give each player an item. Have them hide it somewhere on themselves, but in plain sight. Give everyone a list of the items that you handed out. Then, have everyone go around and try to locate the items. Whoever has found all the items first wins!

Old Maid - Think of this one as a real-life version of the popular card game.

Once Upon a Time - Sit in a circle and let the host tell a story. They'll start with a sentence to get the story rolling. Then the next person in the circle will tell what happened next in one sentence. Go around the circle 3 times to complete the story! (with a small group you may want to go around the circle more times than that)!

Pass the Hat - Play the old Pass the Orange game, but with a hat. Pass the hat from head to head without using your hands! You can pass all sorts of sleepover related objects as slumber party games, such as a teddy bear.

Photo Fun - Divide players into teams, with each team using a digital camera. Give each team a list of photos to take. Some ideas are...the team pretending to sleep, of the team dancing, of the team doing yoga, etc. Whatever you can think of that will make a crazy photo! Make sure the different players take turns being the photographer so everyone gets a turn to be photographer and models!

Pick Up Sticks - This is a fun game to play, and if you don't have enough sticks (or want several sets...) you can use colored drinking straws.

Pillowcase Hop - Have a sack race but use pillowcases for fun slumber party games!

Pillow Tag - To play tag as one of your slumber party games, you tag someone by hitting them with a pillow.

Printable Games - Fun games to print out and fill in at your party in holiday themes or birthday themes.

Scavenger Hunt - Here are some tips to planning a great hunt in include as part of your slumber party games!

Shadows - Use your flashlight to make shadows on the wall with your hands in the shapes of animals, faces, etc.

Silly String Fights - Anytime you get silly string involved, it is fun. Get a can (or two) for everyone, send them outside and have at it!

Sleeping Bag Hunt - Before the party, gather objects (such as a magazine, stuffed animals, a shoe). Have one object assigned to each player. Have players leave the room while you hide one thing inside each sleeping bag. When players return have them try to figure out which sleeping bag has their item. No peeking, but OK to touch. Perfect for slumber party games and sleepovers.

Sleeping Bag Race - Line up the sleeping bags, have each person climb inside one, and race across the room by wiggling inside the bags.

Slumber Party Box of Questions - just one of many slumber party games you can purchase that are made specifically for slumber parties.

Sock Bounce - You'll need a different pair of colored socks per player (hey...this could be a party favor!). Roll the socks up into a ball. You'll also need a bed sheet. Have everyone hold an edge of the bed sheet, with the rolls of socks sitting on top. Everyone lifts up the sheet together, shaking and waving the sheet (like a parachute game). The object is for each player to try to bounce the other socks off the sheet, and avoid letting the socks get bounced off! This is great played as slumber party games because then the socks can be worn afterwards and be part of your party favors.

Sock Hunt - You'll need a pair of socks for each player. Before the party, take one sock from each pair and hide it. Then, at the party, give the mate to a guest and have them find the hidden sock that matches. You can even hide a little prize in the sock that you have hidden such as nail polish and gloss.

Suitcase Relay - There are many variations of this played as slumber party games, and you can use your imagination to make it as crazy as possible for your friends.

Talent Show - Let everyone (who wants to) participate in a talent show! Be sure to video this one and replay later during the slumber party.

No Talent, Talent Show - Have a pretend talent show to see who has the least talent! Team up players so they can work together. Some ideas are telling (bad) jokes, reciting a (bad) poem, playing with a band (badly - maybe on kazoo's?), singing (badly) karaoke, magic tricks (badly done), dancing (bad), etc. Give awards for the worst. You'll want to video this one too...

Teen Party Games - Our full, giant list of teen party games and teenage birthday party games.

Ticking Clock Game - Have players leave the room (or hide their eyes) while you hide an alarm clock in one sleeping bag. At some point in the evening, have the clock set to go off. Tell your guests that the alarm will go off, but don't tell them when it will go off - that will be a surprise). When the alarm rings, whoever can find the clock first wins!

Tongue Twisters - That's right. Tongue Twisters. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. That sort of thing. Find a list of tongue twisters and try saying them. Can be really funny!

Toothpaste Test - Anyone really going to bed? If so, have a toothpaste taste test. Furnish two to four toothpastes for everyone to get to try and then let everyone vote for the best one.

Treasure Hunt - Find a treasure hunt that will challenge you and your friends!

Truth or Dare Isn't this what you immediately think of when someone says "slumber party games"? It is played at many slumber parties at some point. To keep it tame (and fair), write up a group of "truths" and "dares" ahead of time and people can pick from their fate from bowl. We have a list of clean truth or dare questions, as well as some dare ideas!

More Truth or Dare - You can purchase truth or dare games with all the supplies, dares and truth questions you need.

Truth is Stranger than Fiction Game - Are those celebrity stories too crazy to be true? Maybe...maybe not. Can you tell the difference? This is how those rumors get started!! Can be played as slumber party games or for any party.

TV Voices Game - Before the party, make recordings of the voices of TV characters. At the party, listen to the recordings and have everyone try to guess who they are hearing.

Twister - Another one of the classic slumber party games!

Who Am I? Game - A fun game for large or small groups. 

Girl Slumber Party Games Pack

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Hot Nails 
Girls sit in a circle. One girl will be in charge of the radio. Each girl in the circle recieves a nail polish bottle. When the music plays, the girls …

Flash Light Tag  
Flashlight Tag involves 4 and up players Its Basically like hide-n-seek! But instead you have a flashlight and instead of tagging the person you use …

Each girl sits in a line, or a circle. The girl in the front will start with a sentence. Like,"I have a crush on Jacob". She tells the person next to her, …

Duck Duck Splash 
Feel like getting drenched!!!? Duck duck splash is a game like duck duck goose except you have a cup of water while you go around the circle going duck …

Silent Hide N Seek 
Silent Hide and Seek: Everyone determines who is "it" and that person will go to a part of the house and tell everyone that it is base. The "it" person …

Pillow Fight 
You take pillows and throw at each other. It's a fun game but make sure all things breakable are put away!

Nail Polish Spin Game 
You and your friends sit in a circle on the ground with 5-6 different colored nail polishes in front of you for this game. One person spins 1 of the nail …

Blind makeovers 
Get one of your friends to put a blindfold over their eyes and do some make up. Scare your mom or dad at the end!

Dare Or Double Dare 
It is a variation of truth or dare but instead of truth you do double dare. That means you have to give or get two dares. At all of my parties we play …

Baby If You Love Me Smile 
Put all your guests in a circle, then 1 of them starts. He picks a person and goes in front of them, and romantically says; Baby if u love me smile, the …

Piggly Wiggly 
How to play the Piggly Wiggly slumber party game - Everybody gets in somebody else's sleeping bag except the person that is IT. The person that is IT goes …

Hide And Go Seek SCARE 
To play Hide And Go Seek Scare the unlucky person that is "it" will count to 50 and look for the other players in the dark. The hider's job is to scare …

Would you Rather! 
Would you Rather is a fun slumber party game for a group of close friends. That way you can make up good questions. You have to make up laughable questions, …

Do you think you & your friends can be the best and fastest Doctor/Nurse? Find out at your NEXT slumber party! Example is for 6 girls/boys and needs …

Things to do at Sleepovers 
When I think about things to do at sleepovers, I remember I went over to my friend's house for a slumber party and we had a campfire in her back yard and …

One of the best party games I like to play at a sleepover is the old classic "Monopoly". It is always fun buying and selling the properties, and making …

This is a game that is almost like hide and go seek. Someone is "It" Whoever is it picks a place to hide without the other players seeing. Then turn off …

The Chocolate Game 
Well, someone rolls the dice and if it lands on a 2 you have to get all dressed up. Part of the dressing up includes putting on a pair of mittens. Then …

Piggiley Wiggiley 
You lay sleeping bags out on the floor and some one is it and they go out of the room and the people in the room get in the sleeping bags(not your own). …

Balloon Belly 
You'll need a lot of balloons for this game. Well enough for your company. Make them (if they want to) put their balloon on their belly against someone …

Guess the Flavour 
The best game I played as a teenager with my friends was 'guess the flavour'. Me and a group of friends got together and bought about 20 different flavours …

We always like to play card games during sleepovers. Poker is always especially popular. We play different variations of poker. It is always the dealer’s …

Four on a Couch Not rated yet
Write every players name down on a note card and fold it so it is not visible. Everybody gets a chair and puts it in the circle. Add an extra chair to …

Costume Party Not rated yet
For your costume party, just go find old outfits. Tell everyone to try to make a costume out of stuff you have around the house. Then give out a goofy …

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Scavenger Hunt around Town Not rated yet
In this game you will split your guests into two or more different teams and give them a list in which to make it fair that nobody has seen. Then you assign …

Slumber Party Activities Not rated yet
If you're having a slumber party with all your jr. high friends one thing I think is important is how MEMORABLE YOUR PARTY IS. So it is important to find …

Laugh Or Die Commecials Game Not rated yet
To play this game, make teams of one, two, three etc. Assign each group a random, but funny, object like potatoes. The team then must create a commercial …

Lava Rocks Game Not rated yet
This game is for the adventerous, daring and energetic type. Set up a trail of pillows leading to a prize, destination or an EASY BUTTON. Set a timer …

Would You Rather Not rated yet
Each girl sits in a circle. You spin a bottle(or a spinner) and whoever it lands on gets to ask someone else in the room a question. For ex. "Would you …

Act it out Not rated yet
What you will need: At least 8 people Some paper/pens Props You have teams of at least 4, but no more than 9-10. First, pick 2 judges, and then …

Slumber Party Dark Room Game Not rated yet
This game is called dark room. A denner has to be there. The denner will go out of the room and the other's will hide in the room with the light's off.........then …

Drawing Charades Not rated yet
This game has you doing a version of charades in the dark. One person from the party has to think up a picture they are going to draw. After they know …

Name That Food Game Not rated yet
There is one person that is blindfolded and someone has to choose a food from the cupboard. Then the person with the blindfold on has to smell and guess …

Fun Scavenger Hunt Not rated yet
For a fun scavenger hunt, have a bunch of items hidden all around the house. Have two teams get different lists on what they need to find. Make sure there …

Pick a Name Not rated yet
You put your party guest's names in a hat, glass,or something where you can pick out a name. Then, pick in the jar, hat, or glass and whose name you pick …

Movie Night Not rated yet
It is fun to have a movie night. Stay up all night watching movies and eating popcorn and junk food. Lisa says: You're right - that is a top slumber …

Lipstick Face Not rated yet
We just need 2 lipsticks. Close your eyes and DO ANYTHING with the lipstick on your friend's face!! But use good lipstick so it doesn't hurt your face …

Tell Your Future Not rated yet
You get a piece of paper and then you write what you might have when you get older: 3 people you are going to marry 3 cars 3 pets 3 honeymoons …

Name that Tune Game Not rated yet
You'll need a radio. Two groups split equally in half. Then play your radio with the hottest songs for a couple of seconds. Then turn it off or pause it …

Would you Rather? Not rated yet
One person says "would you rather" and then they say something weird or wacky. Such as, would you rather do ____ or do ______. You go around asking people …

Musical Dress Up Not rated yet
Before the party gather up some clothes from your closet - men, kids, granny, grandpa, hats, bras, ect. Then have the girls get in circle placing some …

Spoons Not rated yet
In this game you need at least three people and you need one less spoon then there is people. You need a deck of cards and spoons or something similar …

Drawing in the Dark Not rated yet
I recommend you should do this game at night. You need to write down some simple things that your friends could draw including you. You write them down …

SPA NIGHT!! Not rated yet
This "game" requires some work. When your friends come over, remove their nail-polish, soak fingertips in one cup of warm milk + one tablespoon of lemon …

Ball Questions Not rated yet
Have a sharpie and an inflatable beach ball. Write questions all over it. When all the guest arrive have them sit in a circle and toss the ball to someone. …

Face Masks Not rated yet
For a fun activity for your slumber party, get some face masks from health or beauty stores. Give everyone a face mask and let them relax. Chop up some …

Hearts Not rated yet
To play this hearts game first you need a pen and a piece of paper. You cut the piece of paper into hearts. Then on one side you write a girl name and …

A Twist on Classic Truth or Dare  Not rated yet
This twist on a classic sleepover game works great with any number of girls. Before you play you need to write different truths and dares on small pieces …

Unscary Stories Not rated yet
You share some of the unscary stories that you heard, or make up some, see what you're friends think of it! Maddisen - thanks for sharing your slumber …

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Prizes or Dare Not rated yet
Get a folder and put prizes or dare in it. Then you tell someone to pick out of the folkder. If they got a prize then they keep it and go on to the next …

Makeover Pop Not rated yet
At your next slumber party try makeover pop: Turn on some music get blind folds and as the beat is going put on makeup.

Find out Who Not rated yet
Write everyones name on a paper then let a girl draw a name. Then whoever got picked has to go out the door while the other people hide in diffrent sleeping …

Make T-Shirts Not rated yet
For my party I will be making T-Shirts. First, you take a shirt that fits you of any color...Then, you cut it into little strips. After that you take some …

Toy Hunt Not rated yet
To have a toy hunt, before people come to the party ask an adult to hide some toys outside. When its dark tell eveybody to get their flashlights and go …

Scavenger Hunt Game Not rated yet
First find all these different items and a spot to hide them. Then make a list. Then when all the people come over you can have something fun and challenging …

Bunny Game Not rated yet
The Bunny Game is a really fun slumber party game and all you need is more than 5 people. You get into a circle and the leader or the host is bunny …

Teamwork Game Not rated yet
The teamwork game is all about teamwork. Divide everyone into pairs. Each pair makes a team. Tie one pair of hands together, so each team has two hands …

Magic 8 Ball Not rated yet
Our favorite game is playing with a Magic 8-Ball. It is a little black ball that you can ask a question of and turn it over and it will have your answer …

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