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Got everything ready?

You'll need snacks, nail polish, and movies. Those are staple sleepover activities.

But here are links to some other great slumber party supplies. Hope that these, along with our easy party ideas and games, make planning fun!

The products below are linked to, and another good source for sleepover party products is Birthday in a Box (Affiliate.)

Slumber Party Invitations

It is easy to make your own invitations. You can visit my page about Slumber Party Invitations for some ideas about making your own invitations.

But sometimes it is more convenient to just purchase something. These cute sleepover invitations would be perfect for any party. 

Girls Pillowtalk Birthday Invitations, 8 Pack

Any slumber party invitation should include the following:

  • What to bring (sleeping bags, pillows, etc.)
  • If you'll be taking them on an outing or staying home
  • What meals you'll provide (dinner or not?)
  • Time for pickup the next morning

  • Decide on Decorations for
    Slumber Party Supplies

    You can do so much with some simple streamers and balloons.

    If your party will have a theme, you can add some decorations related to that theme.

    Serving Slumber Party Food

    I'm a fan of preserving our environment, recycling, and not addition to the amount of trash we produce. However, some disposable products can sometimes really come in handy, and a party is one of these times. Especially a slumber party, when food is often continually eaten throughout the night.

    These cute slumber party plates are perfect for cake, pizza and other slumber party food.

    Sleepover Party Favors

    Party Favors will go home in style in a cute box like this one from!

    A perfect party favor can be a teddy bear. These friends would be great fun and perfect companions for a sleepover or overnight party!

    Sleepover Activities...

    Make sure you have plenty of activities planned. The kids seem to make their own fun over the course of the night, but it is good to have some things on hand to give them plenty of options of things to do. Typical activities include:

    Slumber Party Movies (movie ideas here)

    Nail Polish and Beauty Stuff

    Supplies for Slumber Party Games (huge game list here)

    Crafts and other activities (easy sleepover crafts here)

    One idea for a sleepover craft is to decorate a pillowcase. A sleepover pillow like this one would be perfect, don't you think? Purchase some fabric markers and let everyone sign the pillow.

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