Chocolate Party!

by Katrina "Katie" Ann D.
(Box Springs, Georgia, United States)

Looking for a "sweet" way to celebrate your birthday? Have a chocolate party! What better way to celebrate your special day than inviting a few of your besties over for a sleepover?

Make sure to have a delicious chocolate cake, with creamy cocoa frosting! And bring back the sweet old days by watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and sipping toasty hot cocoa!! Surely you and your guests will love chocolate scented candles, too! And don't forget the chocolate covered popcorn for a snack! Finally, before your guests leave, provide them with chocolate perfume and mini chocolate bars! Happy birthday!! :)

Lisa says:

Thanks for the great ideas. I'm always ready for chocolate!!

A fun game to add to your party might be the Chocolate Game. It is full of frenzy, fun and...oh yes...chocolate!

Thanks for sharing your idea.

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