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Youth group games are so popular because they include everyone and work for large groups of teens and kids. These are some of our favorite games for groups. They can be used as easy party games anytime you are entertaining a crowd!

You can adapt many of these games into Bible games. The skit game listed below is a good example. To make this a theme game, give each group a Bible story or verse and have them each come up with a skit for the verses set in today.

The multiplayer games listed here a great for any size group. We've listed times where you might want to divide a really large group into smaller teams.

Most importantly, remember to play safe! That takes planning! With that in mind here are...

Free Youth Group & Medical Emergency Consent Forms & Much More! Easy to access forms to download, print and customize for the important needs of your youth group.

Easy Group Games

Favorite Group Games to Play

Alphabet Game -
Divide players into small teams (about 4 people per team). Each team tries to come up with something which begins with each letter of the alphabet by looking thru their suitcase, purse, pockets, etc.

Back to Back -
Divide everyone into pairs, with each player sitting back to back. Teams have to try to stand up without using their hands. Combine teams and try again, then combine teams again, etc. Try to see how many players you can get to stand up together as a group without using their hands - it takes teamwork! This is a great youth group game because you can have many groups going at the same time.

Balloon Pass Smash -
This is a great group game for getting people to sit in new spots and with new people. Always good to mix up those little groups that form. Beforehand, blow up a balloon for each person (have extras). Inside each balloon have a coin of different value, different dates, etc. Get everyone together in a circle, then, while music plays, pass a few balloons around. When the music stops, anyone holding a balloon has to pop it and keep the coin. After everyone has had a turn popping a balloon, then have everyone sit according to their money (value of coin, year of mint, etc.). For fun, pass the balloons different ways each time - such as over your head, between your legs, etc.

Banana Game -
This is a fun multiplayer game! Divide into pairs to make teams. Give each team a banana that has been peeled and cut in half. Then, give each team five minutes to try to put their banana back together! They can use tape, pins, whatever you wish. The best banana wins!

Capture the Flag -
Probably one of the most popular party and outdoor group games of all time, Capture the Flag is a great game to play for any large group!

Dare Contest -
Make fake money before the event (I like to make fake $100 bills - it is fun to have the big money!). Have players for this group game earn the fake money by doing tasks throughout the evening - it can be a fun dare such as a stunt (having them sing, dance, act, tumble), or having them do tasks (stacking chairs, cleaning tables, etc.). Different tasks and dares can be worth different amounts of money if you wish. At the end, have an auction where players can use their fake money to buy things. Ideas for prizes are gift cards, candy, music downloads, stuff from the $1 store.

Find the Leader Game -
With the Find the Leader Game (which is similar to the next group game, called the "Guessing Game", everyone tries to figure out who is the leader.

Guessing Game -
Fun for smaller groups - pick someone to be "It" and have them leave the room. While gone, pick something that "It" will need to do when they come back. "It" comes back and has to try to figure out what they are supposed to do, but the room won't tell him! They clap louder and faster as he gets closer to doing the right thing. A fun example is getting someone to take off their shoe. It has to be something a person can figure out! :-)

Grocery Bag -
This youth group game is best for smaller groups, or dividing large groups up into "teams". You'll need a paper grocery bag. Gather everyone in a circle and put the grocery bag in the center of the circle. Let each person have a try to pick up the bag in their teeth while standing on one leg and not using your hands. If they are successful, have them tear off a piece of the bag and let the next person go. The more that gets torn off, the harder it is to do it!

Youth Group Games Photo by: firstbaptistnashville

Knots -
In this teamwork game, divide players into small groups. These groups should form circles, and place their hands in the circle. Then you randomly grab someone else's hands (you are now in a knot) and try to untangle the group without letting go of hands.

M&M Hunt -
Hunt for M&Ms individually (for a small group) or as a group. Then have a candy feast after your M&M hunt!

Mingling Icebreaker -
Play music and have everyone move about the room. When the music stops, everyone must find another person and shake their hand. The leader calls out a question for each set of players who shaking hands to answer for each other. For ideas of questions, visit our conversation starters list.

Messy Ice Cream Sundae Game -
Divide everyone into pairs, and tell them they'll get to share a sundae! Let each team make their own, and once they are made, have teams lay down on their backs with the tops of their heads touching. Then they get to eat from this position (laying down, head to head), while feeding each other. One of the favorite funny games (and also one of the favorite messy games)!

Mouse Maze -
Youth groups can pretend they are mice with the fun mouse maze game. Before playing this for your group games, create two identical mazes by laying rectangular tables on their sides (the table tops become the walls). Divide players into two teams. This will be a blindfolded relay race thru the maze. At the end of the maze, each racer should get a treat (such as an oreo, cracker, etc.) before heading back to the team so the next player can go.

Name Icebreaker Group Game -
This is great when people don't know each other's names. As each person arrives have them write their own name on an index card and tape it to their back. When everyone arrives, give each player another index card and a pencil. On "Go", have each player try to go around and write down the names of other people (getting it from the name card on their back). Doesn't sound hard right? It is if players try to keep people from seeing the name on their back while gathering names of other players. Have a short time limit (determined by how many are playing) and give a prize to the person who has gathered the most names.

Group Games Photo by: firstbaptistnashville

Playground Games - Don't forget great old fashioned playground and outdoor games to play as youth group games. As a matter of fact, as a youth we often got together to play volleyball, croquet or just toss the ball around for fun.

Printable Games
There are a large selection of games you can print and play. Here are things to look for in a fun printable group games.

Scavenger Hunt -
A Scavenger Hunt is always a hit!

Shapes -
You'll need a big group to play this game. Divide into teams. Play music, and when the music stops, call out the name of a shape. The teams then race to make the shape that has been called out. Have teams imagine that you are above looking down at their shape - which one can make the shape the best? Some ideas: Dog bone, Tree, Ball, Christmas Tree, etc.

Skits -
Divide players up into teams of 10 players or less. Give each team a topic and them come up with a skit which uses everyone. You can even give them a collection of odd props that they have to include. After 15 minutes, let each team show their stuff!

Soap Race -
You'll need some small blow up pools or buckets and bars of soap for this one. Divide players into small teams and give each team a bar of soap. Teams race to try to make their soap the smallest piece (without breaking it). For small enough groups you can give each person a bar of soap.

Spam Carving -
Give each player a can of Spam, a paper plate and a plastic knife for carving. Then have a contest to see who can create the best masterpiece!

Spin the Compliment Bottle -
I love this version of the spin the bottle game, but it needs to be played with a group that knows each other. Divide the kids into groups of 8 to 10, with a bottle for each group. Have players sit in a circle around the bottle. One player spins the bottle. When the bottle stops spinning, the player who spun the bottle will give a compliment to the person the bottle is pointing to.

String Icebreaker -
Beforehand cut a piece of string for each person, but there should be two pieces of string of each size. Give everyone a length of string (yarn works great). Then give everyone a few minutes to try to find their partner with the matching length of string.

Toilet Paper Icebreaker -
For a smaller group game (you can play as a group game for large groups if you divide up). Have each player tear off squares of toilet paper - as many as they want - but don't tell them why. Once everyone has some, tell them that for each square they have taken, they must tell the group one "fun fact" about themselves.

Trash Art -
Have a collection of odd items - toilet paper rolls, boxes, broken things - anything that would be ready for the recycling bin or clean trash. Divide into teams, with an assortment of "trash" for each team, along with a roll of duct tape. Give each team time to make piece of art out of their trash. Prizes can be for prettiest, weirdest, etc. You can also have teams create an invention with the trash. Set a time short (but doable) time limit so they'll be under pressure to create something fast.

Trash Fight -
Divide the room in half with a team on each side. Give each team a bunch of newspaper (to be wadded up) and have them try to fill up the other team's side with paper within 2 minutes (while trying to keep paper out of their side).

True or False -
Draw a line on the floor or use tape. One side is "true", the other is "false." Then have a leader ask a true or false question. Eveyone then picks a side, either the true side or the false side. Whichever side is wrong is out and all the players who are left return to the middle for the next question until there is only one person left (or until you want to end the game). Use your imagination with the questions - you can even adapt group games like this one to your theme, asking questions about a topic you've been covering.

If you have great group games or you want to tell us about your youth group, we'd love to hear all about it. We can all benefit from each other! Use our free site to share your ideas!

Tell us about Your Youth Group Games!

Do you have a great youth group? What activities or games for groups do you like?

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What's My Line 
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Make your own bingo cards with a theme. Print out different pictures then have every kid glue the pictures in 5 rows going up and down.

At my youth group we play ninja. Everyone gets in a huge circle and one person is the leader and we bow to him and then everyone jumps into their ninja …

Skittles Game 
For this game buy a big bag of skittles and pass it around in a group. Pick out 2. If they are the same color then eat them. If not keep them. Keep on …

Bubblegum Never Have I Ever Not rated yet
This game is great for friends and new acquaintances both! Easy and can be played ANYWHERE. For those of you who don't know what the game "Never Have I …

Plunger Not rated yet
Need 2 new toilet plungers (colourful ones from $1 store are great) and a roll of toilet paper for each participating team. Leader puts plunger between …

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This card game for groups is sort of like musical chairs, except you use cards instead of chairs. Play with 4+ people. You get a deck of cards. …

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Balloon Contest Not rated yet
Have a blowing up a balloon contest. Give each player a balloon and have them take one breath to fill the balloon. Whoever has filled the balloon with …

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This Drop the Keys game is a great ice-breaker game. Get chairs. (You should have one less chair then the amount of people you have. Ex: if you have …

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Your my lifesaver! Not rated yet
What you need to play Your My Lifesaver is: Lifesavers, toothpicks, and more then 5 players! Get everyone into a line and give everyone a toothpick …

Trash Art Game Not rated yet
We do the "trash art" that you have listed above, but we give each team things like tape, cotton balls, Q-tips, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, …

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More Group Games to Play:

By: Vera
From: Texas
When you have a big group of kids just have them spread out, not to far.Then have a leader to call out titles. An example of a title would be three's company !!! So all the players have to get into groups of three as fast as they can and the person without a group is now out.More examples BIRDIE ON A PERCH ! One person will kneel down and other will sit on lap. Be creative and make your own!

Whos the Murderer
By: Anonymous
-  this game is fun for big groups
-  must have at least more than 5 ( the bigger the better)
-  assign partners and assign 1 person to be the leader of each group
-   now lets say you have 10 people make 5 cards
-    The cards should say 4- person 1- murder
-   Don't show anyone your card then u put them back in the box then allow everyone a decent time to hide
- the murder and there partner need to tag as many people without getting caught
- when you have been tagged u and your partner die because u should remain with ur partner at all times
-  after being tagged u freeze were u r
-  if u survived last u and ur partner win but after all the suspects that helps them figure out

Bigger or Better
By: Ashley
From: Yorba Linda, Ca
You have to play this game in a neighborhood that you're comfortable in. Split your large group into smaller teams up to 7 people per team. Provide each team with a small item such as a penny, paperclip, pen etc. The goal of the game is to get something bigger or better, by going door-to-door asking neighbors. Offer them a trade of your pen for something bigger and better. Give a time limit up to an hour and the team that comes back with the best piece item wins

Milk Carton
By: Jess
From: England
Split the group into pairs then give them an empty milk carton. Tell them they have five minutes and that they have to wrap it up using newspaper. It's up to you if you give them selotype, if you don't it is harder.

Messy Milkshake Mania!!!
By: Lexi
From: Allen, Texas
In our middle school youth group this game is always a hit! This is a few-player game, but the audience will roar with laughter as the players carry out the deed. You will need as many chocolate milkshakes as you have contestants. Empty the shake completely into a new large knee sock. Set up a table and paper plates or towels for the players to stand over. Have the players race to suck the shake out of the sock, and recognize both those who slurped most of it and those who had the least amount of drippage. This game is a guaranteed hit!!!

Apple Bobbing
By: Barefoot
From: Southern Pines, NC, USA
Get a bucket of water and place apples inside. Have everyone try to retrieve an apple from the bucket with their teeth and without the use of their hands. If you have a big group, you can have several buckets of water/apples going at the same time. For extra prizes you can use different color apples, with the prize corresponding to the color of apple.

By: Anonymous
Best played at night. You can have as many players as you want! All players stay inside a house, except for one. The one player go's oustide and finds a hiding spot. Everyone else counts to 50. Then everyone go's outside, splits up, and tries to find the hider on their OWN. When someone find's the hider, they hide with them in the same spot. They can't tell ANYONE else. Then when everyone hides with them there should only be one person left. That is the loser, and has to hide next. It's the funnest game i've played!!! enjoy!

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