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Photo Booth

Photo Booth Backdrops are a must for parties today. Here are lots of great examples for inspiration!

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Climb the Mountain

You'll need 2 odd numbered teams (min. number of players: 3 per team) Equipment 1 large rope (must be long enough for all players to hold) 2 different

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One Chance

To play the One Chance Game you will need 2 teams (min. of players per team: 2) Equipment 2 large buckets (will be filled with water) 2 medium (empty)

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Underground Church

The youth pastor will probably have to get permission to use the whole church building for this. It can be confusing at first, but everyone gets the hang

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Heroes and Villians Party

This theme takes a twist on the traditional 'Heroes and Villains' party by focusing on the bad guys. It can be really specific and focus on Disney Villains

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Blinded hide and seek

This is a game for six or more people and should be played in an outside area without anything dangerous to trip over. Start off by picking one player

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Tween Party Ideas

Tween Party Ideas, Games and Activities for the best party ever for this special set who are too old for kid parties, but not quite ready for the older stuff.

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Madeline Party

Easy Madeline party ideas and games for the child who loves Madeline or for a great Paris party theme!

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Creative Lego Party Ideas

Every kid loves legos! Here are lots of Lego Party Ideas, including games, decorations and cakes.

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Haunted Hotel Slumber Party

A haunted hotel party is an awesome sleepover to have at Halloween or anytime. Some of these ideas I got from a magazine but most of it thought of myself.

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