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Kitty Litter Cake Recipe

Would you eat it? This Kitty Litter Cake will leave your guests speechless and running AWAY from having cake. Recipe and photo for an easy cake to create. A joke to serve, but still delicious.

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American Girl Party Ideas

Lots of ideas for an American Girl Party for your favorite American girl and her doll to share!

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Barbie Cake

A cute Barbie Cake where the dress is the cake is a must for any Barbie party or fan. Here are few examples along with some helpful hints.

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Ballerina Cake and Ballet Party Ideas

An easy ballerina cake and ballet party ideas sure to please your favorite dancing star.

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Birthday Cake Ideas

A gallery of EASY Birthday Cake ideas, designs and photos. Short on time, tools or talent! These cute cakes are specially selected to be something anyone can do!

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Coolest Car Cake Ideas and Images

Styling a car cake presents lots of options, and is a great choice for car enthusiasts for a birthday, groom's cake, or club event.

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Ice Breaker Games

Ice Breaker Games that are fantastic to use as adult party game ideas, or anytime guests won't know each other. These work great for "in home" show parties too. Lots of uses, and easy to setup and play.

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Elderly Adult Games that are Timeless

Elderly Adult do you define that? The games on this list can be enjoyed as Senior Citizen Activities or at a party with guests of all ages, young and old.

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Play Bingo - Ways to Make it Special and Unique for your Party

Play Bingo AND make it unique to your party with customized playing cards. Cards can even become a fun souvenir of your event.

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Match Game - A fun adult party game to help guests mix and mingle

The Match Game is a perfect ice breaker at any party and is one of the few games that works well when you have a larger crowd. Guests must interview others around the room until they find their "other half" or "match."

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