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Madeline Party

Easy Madeline party ideas and games for the child who loves Madeline or for a great Paris party theme!

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Creative Lego Party Ideas

Every kid loves legos! Here are lots of Lego Party Ideas, including games, decorations and cakes.

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Haunted Hotel Slumber Party

A haunted hotel party is an awesome sleepover to have at Halloween or anytime. Some of these ideas I got from a magazine but most of it thought of myself.

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Four on a Couch

Write every players name down on a note card and fold it so it is not visible. Everybody gets a chair and puts it in the circle. Add an extra chair to

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Beautiful Gift Baskets

DIY Tips: How to create and decorate beautiful gift baskets, including a special gift card basket.

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Taxes Due Party

Fun, Easy Party Ideas for a Taxes Due Party to celebrate(?) or mourn April 15th.

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Paper flower Decorations

Use three different colors of tissue paper folded together(the same way you would fold a fan), cut points at each end, use pipe cleaners to tie around

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Table Rotation Question

If you have three tables how do you rotate?

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Easter Party Games

Easter party games take your Easter egg hunt or celebration to another level of fun!

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Easter Party Ideas

Easter Party Ideas for a fun neighborhood party that everyone of all ages will love!

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