Slumber Party For Teens

by Ashley

Ok, so I had this big party for me and my teen friends and we had a BLAST!(I'm 14). First we set up a snack table before anyone came. We had little debbie snacks, popcorn, chips, soda, cheeses, cookies, cake, cupcakes, all kinds of things.

We went on a little hike and had a picnic. We rode our bikes to the basketball court and skated out there.

We had my mom with us to make sure we didn't go to crazy or anything.

After that we went back to my house and played on my playstation and sung on my karaoke machine.

For dinner we had out a taco bar. We had all the necessities and soda and other drinks.

Then when it got dark we played monster tag.
Monster tag is when you turn out all the lights and one person has a flashlight and your hiding and the flashlight person has to find out where u are. But the fun part is moving from place to place so its harder for everyone to find you. First person to be found is "It".

Then when mom told us to go to bed we stayed up talking.(Duh!) We talked about all our secret crushes and the mean girl who didn't get invited and all.

We stayed up ALL night and watched movies and ate popcorn.

Movies teen girls really like are-Starstruck, Shopaholic, Nancy Drew, Opal, The Nanny, ect.

That was the best slumber party ever! And to make it even kooler we had all the gifts hidden in various places for the guests to find. Plus we took pictures trying on my clothes and accessories and makeup.

So Fun!

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Sounds so fun!
by: Lisa

Your party sounds perfect! Thanks for telling us about it! I know you've given others some great ideas!


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