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Sleepover Games 
If you wanna have a sleepover here are some sleepover games for ya: 1)taste the rainbow....have a bowl filled with skittles(or any small candy)your …

My Hotel Slumber Party  Not rated yet
This is what we did at my slumber party at a hotel. It is lots of fun. Well my theme is hot pink, black and white ALL MY FAVORITE COLORS. Well I think …

Guess Who Not rated yet
This is a fun game that can also be used as an icebreaker. You want to have about 7-10 people to play but if you have more or less it should work. …

Hotel Theme Slumber Party Not rated yet
First the amount of guests you should pick is 1 to 4 people, then when everybody arrives check them in like an actual hotel. Then get ready, whatever room …

Candy Bulldozed Challange Not rated yet
OK so its the same as the Bean Bulldozed challenge but with candy. You buy some candy from a candy store or somewhere were its a candy shop. You need 5 …

Keep it Going Not rated yet
Keep it Going - Don't stop! - ok so everyone at your party has to get in a circle with everyone's hands on top of each other. (So the person left of you …

Scary Game -Forget me not Not rated yet
This game has a one rule, one is a ghost and everyone else hides and when the ghost catches you, you turn into ghost. The last one alive wins the game. …

Figure It Out Not rated yet
First we went in the pool. The party started at 2:00 so that everyone already had lunch. So after that we played "Figure it out." It is a tv show but I …

The Hide-Away! Not rated yet
Ok moms, here is one for the younger kids! This one works for all numbers of kids too! Hide a little poem or clue of where the NEXT clue will be, and at …

Mafia Not rated yet
Everyone closes their eyes except for the narrator. The narrator goes around and taps people 1 tap-murder, 2 tap-detective, 3 taps-doctor. Murderer chooses …

Things to do at Sleepovers Not rated yet
One slumber party game I play every year is called sleeping bag attack. You first set up some obstacles (chairs, pillows, etc.) and try to hop aroung everything. …

Expert Hands Not rated yet
You will need at least four people to play this game (people other than the four playing will be the audience). Two players sit down on chairs wth their …

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Glow Sticks
By: Makenzie
From: New York

Well first you get 2 teams and one team goes out side the other hides all glow sticks. And the other team has to find them :)

Princess Sleepover Party
By: Lulu
From: Chicago

Princesses want to party too...here are some ideas first you might want to have everybody in dress's and crowns...next decorate the room with pretty princess colors....have contests/rewards and you can have romance or fairytale movie...have good games/makeovers...,.also have colorful candy and your ready to goo!!!! have a great time.....

Princess Party
By: Anonymous
From: California

When I was about 7 years old, my best friend had a slumber party to celebrate her birthday. She invited about 10 girls and when all the guests arrived, they were dressed as princesses! We acted like princesses, gave each other royal spa treatments, played dress up, danced, and did little make overs! It was the best party ever!

By: Anonymous

First you get on some outfits that are like the 80's. Then make milkshakes and hamburgers and watch movies from the 1980s.

Permanant Marker
By: Alina
From: Miami, FL, USA

So you have to grab a white shirt, pillowcase, etc. and grab a permanent marker, and draw your favorite thing of the slumber party.

Tin Foil Wrapup
By: Naya
From: Pueblo

Well you get a thing of tin foil. There is one person up first, now every one makes an outfit around her/him. You get 30 minutes to do this. When you are done the person gets to see themselves. That person has to wear that until its time to get in your pj's. Then the next person goes.

Sleepover Ball Game
By: Sabrina
From: New York

To do this game you must buy a beach ball. On the beach ball get a permanent marker and write questions all over the beach ball. When a person catches it they see what question they get and say the answer!!! Have fun

Spooky Story
By: Rainey
From: Harris

Make a fort out of chairs and blankets. Get in it and you'll need a flashlight, then hold it under your face then tell your spooky story.

Dance Until You Fall
By: Keke
From: Miami

You have to dance until the other mates or girlfriend fall on the floor or put a pillow on the floor or a blanket to not get hurt. It is going to be a fun.

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Outdoor Movie
By: Anonymous

Put up a projector sheet and lawn chairs or pillows and blankets and watch a movie outside!

2 Truths 1 Lie
By: Anonymous

Have one person say their names and three things, two of which are the truth and one that is a lie. Then have the other people guess what one is the lie.

Would I lie to you?
By: Mia R.
From: England

Either make up something or say something that is true that your friends don't know, then get them to ask questions and guess whether it's a lie or truth! The funnier truths are more likely to be guessed as lies :) for example: when I was younger I cut off my best friends pony tail (false) try and back it up with false information such as when it was and the friends name so that it seems realistic :D

Donut Game
By: Rachel

To play you have to get all guests in pairs of two, one person in those pairs bend on their knees with their hands behind their back, the other person has to get a stick or some sort of long object and a string attached to a donut on it, you have to lower the donut down without the person on their knees getting it, if the person does get it, then he/she wins!

Donut Dunk
By: Avery C.

A game were you can have a cup and donuts and dunk for them without your hands.

Balloon Surprise
By: Anonymous

Buy balloons at the store depending on how many people are there including youself. Put a prize in each balloon and hide them asign each guest a color of a balloon. When they find it have them pop the balloon and see what prize they got.

Pop the Balloon
By: Heilie <3
From: Chino Hill

Have the people at your party blow a bunch of balloons then sit on them. Whoever pops the most balloons wins.

Balloon Pass
By: Amber
From: New York

You make two equal teams of however many you have, but they have to be equal. Each line will have a balloon in the front. When a person says "go" the first person passes the balloon over their head. Then the next person passes it through their legs. This gets repeated until the last person in line gets the balloon. The person in the back of the line will now go to the front with the balloon and start again. This is a race to see who can get the person who started the line back up front. The first line that gets the first person back up front wins. I have been playing this game with my daughters and they love it! I hope you do too!! :)

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Kiss the Poster
By: Natalie
From: Chicago

Tail on the Donkey is pretty old, but kissing a poster is pretty new! Get any kind of poster with a celebrity (boy), and put on lipstick. Whoever kisses the celebrity closely on the lips gets to keep the poster.

Tag Bomb
By: Tundra,

Someone throws a stuffy in the air and whoever it touches, that person has to yell tag bomb and then everyone else has to hide. Then the person who got it will walk around with something tied to her eyes so she can't see and then she will tag everyone. When everyone is out the last person standing wins.

Flashlight Tag
By: Anonymous

Make sure it is dark! You only need about 2 people at the least! Get a person to be at the front of the room and the other players have to try to sneak up to the person before the person holding the flashlight hears them and shines the torch on them.

Sleepover Ball Game
By: Christina
From: Buffalo Grove, IL

Purchase a Beach Ball at the dollar or at mostly any store. Inflate it and write with a permenant marker all over the ball. Write questions that you would like to know about your friends, such as, Who is your current crush?, What do you want to be when ou grow up?, who is your BFF?, Would you ever call your crush?, how many kids do you want to have?, Who is your movie star crush?, Do you sleep with a nightlight?, Are you afraid of the dark?, etc. Play some music to have a better time. Pass the ball around for about 30 seconds. Then have someone stop the music. When you catch the ball, the question where your right thumb is on you have to answer. Have a great time learning new and cool things about your sleepover buddies!

Guess What Food
By: Lilly

For this game you'll need a blind-fold and food. First someone will go into the pantry and get any kind of food and set it on the counter. Then blindfold a someone and pick a person to put the food in the blind folded persons mouth. Then the blind folded person will guess what food they are tasting.

Who's Calling
By: Kayla
From: Chicago

For this game you'll need 2 cellphones. A group of people sit on a couch with a cellphone. One other person hides with the other cellphone. Then that person calls the group of people and sounds mysterious in a soft voice then knocks. The group then has to guess where the person is. The person can give clues where they are. Then the group of people try to find the person.

Just Dance
By: Anonymous

Great game to play on the wii!

Whats in the Basket
By: Summer
From: Independence

Have a basket well put at least 20 toys, movies  anything in it. Show it to the party people for one minute. Have them write what they remember seeing. Then you tell them what was in it. Who ever has the most items on there list they get a prize.

Is it your crush?
By: Halle
From: Indiana

Ok every girl takes a strip of paper (which you should make before the party) then they write all their crushes. Their L.T.P.C (like the personality crush), Their C.C. (cute crush), and C.C.L.T.P.T (cute crush like the personality too). This might take awhile. Then take a hat or a bowl or something put all the crushes in. I suggest a big bowl or hat or whatever. Then pass the container with the crushes around until everyone gets one. Then the first person reads the name, then they try to figure out the person who has the crush on. Like someone gets a strip that says Justin Bieber so they go and and guess who had a crush on him. repeat until all pieces are gone. This will surely get some laughs and get to know each other better. Have fun!! I sure do when I play it.

Marry Kiss Kill
By: Seirra
From: BBow, OK

Get every body in a group and say 3 names and ask every body which one they want to marry, kiss or kill.

The Describing Game
By: Cassie
From: Glasgow City

Write down the names of different objects and put them in a bowl or jar.  Have each person take a turn to get a slip of paper whatever is on the paper ie, if it said belt you would say I am something you wear, I can be wrapped round your waist and the crazier the object the harder it is to guess.

Song Artist Guessing Game
By: Kat
From: Los Angeles

What you do is you have a music playlist with songs most people don't really know. You cant show anybody the names of the songs. Have everybody try to guess the songs and winners might get a prize, maybe nail polish or something like that.

Hide and Seek Jail
By: Anonymous

It is just like hide and seek but there is a Jail. When the seeker counts they then find the hidden people. When they find them, they take them to jail. It can be a bed or a room or anything you want. When someone waves at the person in jail, the people in jail can get out and hide. The game ends when everyone is in jail.

Hide and Seek but don't be found!
By: Anonymous

Set a timer for 2 minutes. Until the timer rings, you must hide and stay hidden. When it rings, you can leave your spot and try to find the other players. When you find someone, poke them in the shoulder and they're out. If you are found, you have to help the person who found you.

By: Isabella
From: Augusta, Arkansas

Write "frogger" or "human" or "detective" on pieces of paper. Let your friends draw  frogger, human, or detective. You draw too. there is one frogger and one detective. Everyone else is a human. The humans hide in a room. You need at least 5 or 6 players. Humans die if frogger finds you, but the detective can kill frogger.

Trade Me
By: Katie
From: New York

You need a big group of girls for this. Get into two groups. You start with a small object such as a paperclip. You go to other people's houses to look for a bigger object to trade with them. You keep trading with people in your neighborhood until you get something too big to carry or until a certain time that you had already agreed on (like the game ends at 7:00 or something like that). Its super fun and you never know what people will trade you.

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Taste the Rainbow
By: ella

Get a bowl fill it with skittles and have each player suck it one to the end of their straw and put it in your bowl first one to get 15 wins and the person who won at my sleepover got a chocolate bar because my theme was chocolate slumber party :)

Lipstick Game
By: Natalie
From: Jakarta, Indonesia

Hey im Natalie, im Having a Slumber Party Only with 1 Person which is my Bestie (Sekar) . So i was thinking about a Lipstick Party. You can have any number of people. Well pretend theres two people playing and you have to have 2 lipsticks and you close your eyes. No peeking or it won't be fun :/ ) So while we close our eyes we hold our lipstick and put or do anything on OUR BESTIES FACE! LOL :O HAHAHA its gonna be Great! Thanks. Im 10 Years Old Thank you!

Everyone Gets Soaked

Make sure none of the girls aren't wearing anything nice. Set up a sprinkler or hose. Tell them to go outside. Once they have been outside for a bit, creep around back and turn on the water! They will get soaked!

Text Race
By: Bailey, USA

Need-index cards for each person, your phone, pen. How to play- Write the same message on each index card and give to the teens with ur phone number on it. On  the count of three the teens should begin to type the message printed on the index cards. They can not use abbreviations or have errors. Award a prize to the first person to end you the message.

Musical Laps
By: Anonymous

it is sort of like musical chairs but once the music stops you are not allowed to have your feet on the ground so you will end up sitting on each others laps. This is a fun game for all ages and will make all the players laugh   .................      enjoy. I have seen others play this and they have a blast.

Once and Again
By: Olivia
From: Yankton, SD

Everybody sits in a circle. one person starts and says a word and everybody else has to say the word. Then they have to say a funny description of the word. Then go around the circle and have to try and copy the description but if you get it wrong you are out.

Look At Me Game
By: Anonymous

This game works well with a lot of people. Everyone sits in a circle with their heads down and eyes closed, then one person says "one, two, three, look up!" everyone chooses a person in the circle to look at. For example: Person A decides to look at Person B, and if Person B also decides to look at Person A, they are both out. The idea is to make sure that the person you decide to look at, doesn't decide to look at you too. The last person sitting is the winner.

Toilet Paper Mummy
By: Mindy,

DeWitt, MI
Divide into partners and give each partner a roll of toilet paper or half a roll. Then give them about 2 minutes or so and they have to make a mummy out of there partner, whoever has the best mummy wins.

Luau Hunt
By: Olivia

Everybody loves a good hunt for something fun especially when you are competing against your friends. So what you do is get a bunch of cheap luau favors then hide them in a certain room. Whatever the guests find they get to keep and whoever find the most favors wins! Hope this helps!!!!!!!!

Kidnapping Party For Teens
By: Jade
From: United States

Ask all of your friends if they're free on a particular day, but ask all of them on random days, and times. Then on the day of the party, pick them up from their house just as they are, and take them to your house and have a blast. That way no one is concerned about how they look, and you don't worry about them being late.

By: Stacey
From: MA

Have slips of paper for however many kids there are and on one write murderer. On another slip of paper write guesser. The rest of the slips of paper would say people or person. You throw all the slips of paper into a hat and each kid randomly picks a card from the hat. Next, go into a dark room and after everyone finds a hiding place, then turn off the lights. Then in the dark someone or everyone says “Come out murderer”. Then the murderer tip-toes  around the room and taps one person. Then the person who got tapped has to wait a minute until the murderer goes back to his or her place. Then the person claps. Then someone turns on the light and everyone sits in a circle. The guesser has to guess who clapped and who the murderer was.  Once the guesser figures it out, you can start the game over again.

By: Brookie

In this game you need a deck of cards. You select as many cards as the amount of players (this can be a large or small group). Make sure one of the cards is an ace. Deal the cards out randomly and the person with the ace becomes the "murderer". They must not tell anyone who they are btw.  NOW you make sure the area you are playing is pitch dark. The players will start walking around and the murderer will 'slit a random persons throat' this is done by simply running the finger across their neck (you can really do this however you want this is just my version). Then the person who was "murdered" takes 5 steps and lays down, dead. Then anyone who sees them yells out "DEAD BODY DEAD BODY" and the lights will be turned back on. Then all of the players try to decide who the murderer was. Whoever they think it is, they decide to 'kill'.  If they guess correctly then the game is over. You play until everyone is dead or the murderer is caught.

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Create Trash Animals
By: Anonymous

Divide into groups and give each group the same amount of buckets of old items junk that you don't want anymore.  Have each group pick an animal out of a hat to create in a limited amount of time and have every other group guess everybody else's animal.

Story Play
By: Anonymous

Have 3 people be actors and have 2 people be story tellers. Have the 3 actors act out whatever the story is about. It gets funnier every time!

Ad Game
By: Saoirse
From: Ireland

You pick one person to be an actor and one person to pick any object from the room. The actor has to make a 30 second ad on the object!

Find It
By: Anonymous

You have to find lots of things in the dark. You start with bigger things like an apple or a phone. Then you hide smaller things. First, pick someone to hide everything. I've played this lots of times and it's great.

Messy Twister
By: Sam
From: USA

You get a twister board and paint that matches the colors of the twister board (red, green, yellow, and red). You put the paint on the matching colors and just play twister.

Make a Dance
By: MusicLover

You form a circle. Each person makes up a 4 count dance move. Then you go around the circle, starting with the host and perform the moves you created. After someone performs their move everyone copies. As you go around the circle, you add another dance move. In the end, you should have a complete dance that is composed of everyones dance moves.

Gold Fish Card Game
By: Amanda
From: Canada

To play gold fish, you have to have 2 or more players. You have to have a stack of cards and give each person 7 cards, and put the rest in the middle. after that everyone looks at their cards but cant show anyone else their cards. one person goes and says to another person, 'do you have a 5'. If they say goldfish that means they don't have that card. Then you grab a card from the middle and that person goes. If a person has that card you give it to the person that asked and they get to go again. Then when there are no more cards to grab you spread out all your cards and put them with their matches. Whomever has the most matches wins.

Sleeping Beauty
By: Anonymous

There is one person who is "it". Every body else is laying on the ground pretend sleeping. "it" goes up to one person and says funny things to try to make them smile. NOT TOUCHING OR TICKLING!!! The last person laying down wins! Hope u <3 it!!

The Sausage Game
By: Anonymous

The sausage game is where you say a phrase to another person and all the can say is "sausage" and the first person to laugh is out. Example:
you brush your teeth with?
you like to eat?
you choke on?

Make It And Tape It
By: Kathryn
From: Colombia

Tell your guests to make a item for a company using only the items you give them in a small amount of time. Then ask them to make a commercial all about your item using a camera. Then watch the commercials and pick the best one.

Grannies Panties
By: Ivy
From: Charleston

You have to have at least 2 players (but more is always better!) sit in a circle and you have one person to be "it." The person to "its" right has to ask "it" a silly question like "what do you eat for breakfast?" and "it" has to reply "my grannies panties" without laughing or smiling! If "it" doesn't laugh or smile then the next person to their right asks "it" another silly question. If "it" thought that the next question was really funny and he just had to laugh, then "it" would  be out and the person who made "it" laugh is now the new "it" and that's how you play my grannies panties! <3 :)

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Hawiian Coconut Pass Game
By: Emma,Lake Stevens, WA, US
So what you do is you all get in a circle. While Hawaiian music is playing you pass the coconut around the circle. When the music stops, the person holding the coconut, is out. You continue this process, until there is only one person left, then that person won! This is a Hawaiian style  game of hot potato. 

Free For All Party
By: Anya, California
I did a sort of free for all party sleepover where everyone was given the chance to draw but we all started drawing on each other and it really bring the
creativity in all of us because there was no messing up it all turned out to be beautiful and everyone was happy. But that just seems like all "artsy" and no free for all, we went to a movie, the good dinosaur, where we all cried and comforted each other and it gave us all a chance to become a little bit more
connected. The cake and presents came next to where there was surprises and lots and LOTS of nail polish. The cake was fu. But if you are reading this you should REALLY do cupcakes so you can smash them on your face and body. Well of course next was bed but as you expect no 9-12 year old girl is going to bed at 9:00 with all of her friends. So we watches Rapunzel and tried to do the chubby bunny challenge but my parents hid the marshmallows. Anyway we stayed up until about 3:30 in the morning drawing on each other. When we got up we enjoyed pancakes and sausage and a suggestion for a breakfast with guests you should really give big servings so that your shy guests are not afraid to ask for more. After that we played a little but eventually we had to say our goodbyes and part and only with our memories was that sleepover (except the cake in the refrigerator)

Star Wars Themed Sleepover
By: Anonymous
My friends and I had a BLAST! We spent the night in our finished basement which we decorated with TONS of streamers  and balloons. We taped pictures of the characters onto the balloons which the girls got to take home in the morning. We made chocolate dipped pretzel light sabers and made cotton candy light sabers, too. I also set up a snack bar and you got to make your own "garbage compactor" mix. Hope this helps!

Spa Bar Party
By: Kaylee, Nebraska,lincoln
You can do a SPA BAR filled with nail polish and towels and other things!!!! You can also do a cake and you can match, Pj's, Slippers and other kind of
sleepwear...Make sure to set up a Really cool Fort!!!!! Make sure to eat candy. For example, Pixie sticks,gummy bears,gummy worms and other types of candy! Eat pizza and coke for lunch! Do a good morning bar and a goodnight bar! Good morning bar: donuts, pancakes, bacon, eggs,chocolate milk.

Paper Sleeping Masks
This is a craft activity. You print out paper sleeping-masks and have the kids decorate them. Then, have them cut them out and glue or tape straws or small sticks on. Now you have your paper sleeping-mask!

DIY Flip Flops
By: Anonymous
Decorate dollar store flip flops with stuff like gems and duck tape.

Platey Head
By: Anonymous
Have one person be the judge and all of the others put a paper plate upside down on their head.Each person needs a pencil. The judge decides on what to draw, each person can not look until they are done. The judge chooses which plate is the best. Note: Be NICE when judging!!! Warning: They will NOT be the best drawings you've ever seen. LOL!

Nail Spin
By: Sienna, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Get the girls to sit in a circle and have a basket of nail polish.one girl spins a colour nail polish bottle and the person who the cap is facing rolls a dice to determine how many finger nails are to be painted of that colour.

Toss and Talk Ball
By: Anonymous
You have to write a bunch of questions on a ball, and toss it around. After someone catches the ball, you have to answer the question that you touched.

2 Truths, 1 lie
By: Jade, America
Each person says one lie about themselves and two truths about themselves, but don't say which ones are true and which one is a lie.  Everyone else must try and guess which one is the lie, whoever gets it right, it is now their turn.

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Hide and Go Seek with Eggs
By: Addison, U.S.A.
You will need 7 people and a great hiding spot. 2 players will be the counters (they count in different rooms), 3 players will be the hiders, 1 person will be the freezer(the hiders can unfreeze the other people), and a candy or prize hider. The counters will go into 2 different rooms and count to 60 like 1 mississsippi 2 mississsippi 3 mississsippi slowly. The freezer will count too. The candy hider will go hide prizes or candy in eggs all around the house (20+ eggs will be enough). The hiders will go hide in a good hiding spot. Good ideas of where to hide is in the shower or bath, in the basement closet, in your closet, and in your parents room  (make sure to tell your parents to tell all the other girls to not go in their room). When the counters are done counting freezer will go in a different way then the counters, and the counters do not go together. After the freezer has freezed everyone once the counters and the freezer will go find the prizes (make sure you tell the counters and the frezer how many eggs there are). After they find all the eggs share them with your friends. 

Kitty Needs a Corner
By: Rebekah, Carlsbad, CA, USA
everyone stands in a circle and there is one person in the middle saying kitty needs a corner and everyone else in the circle says go ask my neighbor and the kitty (the person in the middle) can go which ever way it wants to and the people in the circle have to move around and so the people make eye contact and switch spots so the kitty is trying to get someone's spot so if the kitty get's the spot then the person who doesn't have a spot is the new kitty.

Hide and Seek Murder
By: Kimberly, Ardrossan
Put blankets and pillows all around the room. Choose one person to go out of the room. Then everyone hides under the blankets and pillows. Then the person who went out of the room comes in and tries to find everyone. whoever gets found first has to do what the first person did.

Murderer on the Dance Floor
By: Anonymous
so there are 5 or more people and one person is the picker and they sit out of the game but they get to pick who is the detective and who is the murder and no one else knows, everyone dances and the murderer holds the victims arm for five seconds and then moves on whilst the victims counts to ten and then falls to the floor, the detective gets three chances to guess who is the murderer before the last one falls

The Present Game
By: Bree, Wisconsin
ask everyone to bring a present to the party. sometime during the party, have everyone draw a number out of the number bowl. make sure all of the presents are numbered. the person who drew the number one goes first and chooses a present and opens it. then the second person goes and does the same. then the third and so on. at any point when it is your turn, you may "steal" a gift that somebody has already opened. steal meaning that you and that person trade gifts, and they cant say no. you may not do a steal if you have already had your turn. at the end of your party everyone leaves with the present.

Been Boozled
By: Clarissa H., Saugerties NY
you get the bean boozled game by jelly belly there are two
of the same bean one good and ones bad. who ever gets good gets a point  and if your get a bad one you loose a point or  no point. if is funny and laughable

Run around the circle
By: Mila, Calgay Alberta Canada
you have to blind fold some one every one else has to be in a circle they run around when the music goes on the person has to grab some one and dance with them till the end of the song then they take it off and see who is dancing with them this game needs 3 players

Fashion Show
By: Tania, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Have fun by dressing up! You need one person to do the lights, and that person can get on a bunk bed, if you don't have one she can do it  on the floor, and she needs a flashlight. Turn off the lights , and someone can be the audience taking pictures with a tablet, phone or camera. Take turns being the modeler, audience and lighter.

Fashion Runway
By: Cloë, South Africa
Put a cd on ( preferably a cd with lots of different artists on)  Put out some scarfs, hats tutus, Sun glasses etc. ( something you can just wear over your clothes). When a song is starting, let the person with accessories on, walk. Do what ever you like on the runway. This is a great game for your friends to laugh. The runway can be anywhere ,outside, in your living room. Enywhere aslong as there is music present.
Hope you like this game and will try it at your sleep over! 

Twist to Hide and Seek
By: Anonymous
in the dark outside or inside if possible play hide and seek and if you see the seeker try to jump out and scare them if they find you your out but if you scare them you get to rehide

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A Twist on Twister
By: Jenna T., Mississippi
If you have a twister game, or not get one!! With the twist, you will want to!! Get some shaving cream, food coloring and your twister!! Put enough shaving cream on each dot, where you can kind of see the color of the dot. Go back over the dots with food coloring that corresponds with the color of the dot. then just follow the rules of twister!!

By: Alyssia, Macon
One player is the can of sardines. All other players are it. The person that is the can of sardines runs and hides. The other players count to 30. Then they try to find the sardines. If they find the sardines they will hide with them. The sardine and the finder will wait until everyone else finds them and everyone is hiding. The first finder gets to be the next sardines. The trick is there can only be one finder in each room. So everyone has to split up. Good Luck!

By: Anonymous
Make sure all of your guests have the game. One of the guests has to go into their world. The others have to go to the world screen and wait for a purple word to appear and go in. This will not work for kindle fires. You could do things such as a best house contest a survival contest or just making a house together

Pillow Tickle Fight
By: Kam, Saratoga, CA
Hit the other person with a pillow. In my version, when hitting them with a pillow, try to tickle them too! This only works when the person your tickling it ticklish!

Chocolate Game
By: Bdhdg, UK
You will need: chocolate
You each take it in turns to roll the dice. If one person rolls a six you go up put all the clothing items on and start cutting the chocolate. Once you cut it you eat it. If one of the other people roll a six the person currently up takes the clothes off and sit down.
A great party game for all ages!

Why? Because
By: Fatima, London, England
Everyone will need two pieces of paper. On 1 of them write a "Why?" question. On the other peace of paper write an answer beginning with "Because". When you've finished, shuffle all the cards and put the "Why" questions on 1 side and the "Because" answers on the other. One person has to ask the question, from the paper, and the other one will answer, from the paper. You will end up with a silly answer. There are no winners, this game is just for fun! Enjoy!!!

Stuffy Games
By: Anonymous
Put a lot of stuffed animals in a pile. One girl will close their eyes and pull out a random stuffed animal. If the girl pulls out her own stuffed animal, she gets a prize.

Guess the Object
By: Kayla
This game really works UR mind blindfold a guest choose an object as long as it's in the room and fits n ur hand describe the object to the person blindfolded they have three try's to guess what it is and if they don't guess it within the three try's  don't un-blind fold them just let them touch the object for five seconds no more matey less depends on the object  now set a timer for one minute to guess what it is now that they have more of an idea of what it is

By: Michaela Dayton,Colorado
Ghosts is a game where u have a blanket over ur head and all the other players are on the sofa and they can’t touch the floor or they are it so it’s like tag mixed with floor is lava with a blanket on ur head

Water Balloon Games
By: Jamie, Jonesboro
water balloon games are always fun..water balloon volleyball.. have a running race and at the end of them sit on a water balloon and then race back..

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By: Marah, Wisconsin
You have 1 person be a security guard and she/he guards the gold, and the robbers have to try to get past all of the traps and get past the security guard. If they do they win.

Sleeping Beauty
By: Anonymous
Two people get into one sleeping bag. Everyone else tries to make them laugh. The one who laughs loses. The person that didn't laugh wins.

Pass the Package
By: Anonymous
Everyone will sit in a circle and before the party, wrap a prize in layers and layers of newspaper. When the music starts, they will pass the "package" around the circle and when the music stops, whoever has the package will rip off as much newspaper as they can for about 5 seconds. Then repeat this until someone rips off the newspaper and finds the prize. That prize they can take home.

Never Have I Ever
By: Amelia, Perth
Some one ask a question like never have I ever kissed a boy some people say never some people say I have

Two Truths and a Lie
By: Anonymous
It's a classic but always fun give everyone a slip of paper each person must write 2 truths and 1 lie leave the card unanimous and place it in a large bowl,have a selected player without looking mix up the cards,pass the bowl around and have evryone take a card then go in a circle each person has to gess who's card it is and which is the lie!

By: Athena, Pennsylvania
So its pretty simple. You need 3 or more players, a porch, and a flashlight. The person on the porch will count to 30 seconds. The rest of the people have to hide from the person on the porch and try to make it around the house without being "caught" If you see someone, you have to shine the flashlight on them and yell, "caught!" If you get caught you have to go back to the starting area and try again. When the last person has made it, he/she is the new person on the porch.

Do you Love Your Neighbor?
By: Anonymous
Have the girls sit in chairs in a circle with one "it". The  person it then walks around the circle of chairs, and picks one person and asks, "Do you love your neighbor?". They either say yes I do, and the two people on either side have to switch seats while "it" has to try to get a seat too. If they say "No I only love the people who have glasses" for example. All who have glasses have to find a new seat while "it" has to find one too. The game then carries on with "it" asking "Do you love your neighbor?". This game is better to play with bigger groups.

Eat it or wear it challenge
By: Makenzie Hadley, Oklahoma
You can gather all kinds of good or bad foods and number some brown paper bags and put 1 ingredent in each bag. Cut out pieces of paper with numbers on them and have each girl draw how ever many times you can and each time they get to decided if they want to eat a spoonful of it or have to wear the whole can or whatever it is. This game is very fun for older kids. Aka you can go to youtube and get some other ideas for this game.

Hide and Seek Nail Polish
By: CC, Kansas USA
Have a couple of bottles of nail polish. Like normal hide and seek you have a seeker. The seeker counts and then goes to find everyone with a few bottles of nail polish in their hand. When you find someone as the seeker you have to choose a polish and do 1 nail on the found hider. After they have painted your nail the seeker gives that person (the first person found only)  and the found hider goes to a new spot to hide after the seeker gives them more time to hide. The seeker then goes to find the others while the 1st hider who was found is still hiding and is waiting to save someone. After another person is found they have a painted nail and are trying to find the first found hider (the one who can save people) and get the last nail that was painted over and then they are saved but if the seeker finds them while they are trying to find the saver they paint another nail. If the saver saves someone they have to rehide. If a nail is painted over it means they are saved but if they are saved and have a repainted nail they re paint the repainted nail. The first one to have a completely painted hand with no saves loses. You can do an elimination or you could give them an odd punishment! Have Fun!!

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Hide and Seek Kick the Can
By: Anonymous
Hide and seek, but the hiders try to kick the can that the seeker is defending without being seen.

Celebrity Role Play
By: Asi
Give each guest a card with a name of a celebrity!The guest must act like the person on their card

Guess the Secret
By: Chelsea, Denver, Colorado, USA
Everybody writes two secrets of theirs and puts it in to a bowl or fabulous hat.then the bowl goes around the circle of girls and every girl says a secret that they picked from the bowl and tries to guess who's secret it is.!:);)

Spin the Nail Polish Truth or Dare
By: Gabrielle, America
Spin the bottle with a twist is just like any other ordinary spin the bottle although it has a strange twist to it. How you do it is the host picks a person to either spin the bottle or choose someone to spin the bottle. Instead of having the person whom spun the bottle kissing whom it landed on, you ask the person truth or dare. Once whom was asked the question is done with there truth or dare, they spin the bottle. If someone spins the bottle and it lands on someone who already got to be asked truth or dare, they have to continue spinning until it lands on someone who hasn't been asked yet. This game continues until everyone has a chance to participate.

By: Sabrina, Wisconsin, USA
You have to have at least two people. Then one person is blind folded and then the other person who is hiding sings a song that goes " Sharky sharky come alive before I count to the number 5 1..2..3..4..5.. come alive. Then the shark will try and find the person who is hidingwhile they are blind folded.

Wear That!
By: Ellie
You can basically just grab a bunch of accessories and put them in a pile. You will also need some kind of bag a at least 2 people. Have one person go over to the pile while the other waits. The one at the pile will put accessories into the bag. [You can use any clothes or makeup you like.]  The person from the pile takes the other person the bag of things they have to wear. Be sure to take lots of pictures. }:]

Guess the Difference
By: BeLlA, Edmonton
So get one person to stand in front of everyone else,get them to take a good look (only for 40 seconds). Then the person leaves the room and changes one thing in their outfit (sutle). Then come in get the others to guess what they changed who ever guesses right goes next. 

By: Hannah, Louisiana, USA
Team up everyone in groups of 2 and have them do each others makeup. Then have someone be the judge. Do this several times and whoever gets the most votes/best looks win.

Married, Date or Dump
By: Anonymous
You name a boy and then each girl has to pick between date dump or married for the boy

Worm Hunt
By: Anonymous in Canada
Put a gummy worm on a paper plate and put whip cream on it the guests have to stick their face in to get the gummy worm whoever gets the gummy worm first wins.

The Great Quest
By: Anonymous
So basically it's a hunt for clues and at the end is a prize. You have a starting letter which leads you to the first clue and you follow the line of clues around the house, campsite or wherever your playing until you get to on final clue which leads you to a prize. The clues will contain riddles, rhymes, poems, etc. A fabulous game to get your brain going.

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Favorite Games
By: Rosie, America
Our favorites are having a pillow fight, scavenger hunt, play have you ever, and color.

Scavenger Hunt!
The host of the party will set up a scavenger hunt before everyone arrives. You can have the hunt go around the house or around your neighborhood, the places are endless. Have tiny pieces of paper around the place each leading up to the other. Have candy at each clue or any prize of your choice. At the end of your hunt have it all lead up to a big win!

Be Your Selfie
Basically you come dressed as any stereotype that you feel like you feet (nerd, jock, popular...) and play games as you would for high school stereotypes roles, and what they would do.

Hello Person
By: Anonymous
To play this game you'll need -a hat or something to hold paper slips in -paper slips with guests name written on it-chair-players. Instructions: Have one person sit in a chair. All other players pick a name from the hat/bowl.The players say "hello *name*" and if the person in the chair can guess who said the name gets a point. If they can't guess the other player gets a point. Whoever has the most points at the end wins!

Spin the Secret
By: CC, Kansas, USA
Tween girl version of spin the bottle. Spin a bottle with papers that have secretes,crushs,etc. written on them. If the bottle lands on u take a secret. If you guess who it belongs to correctly u get a point, if you guess wrong the person with that secret gets a point. If your secret is pulled don't read it aloud just put it back in and grab a different paper. The person with the most points wins!!

Candy Raffle Game
By: Valentia, MD
this game is very easy and very fun to do all you will need for this game is a candy jar and a big bag of candy that says how many pieces are in the bag and then you write the number on a piece of paper and you have your guests guess how many pieces are in the jar and whoever is the closest wins

Pick N Mix Sweet Bags
By: Keira, London
I am 11 and for my 12th birthday I am buyiing lots of sweets, jars, tubs, sweet scoops and pink paper sweet shop bags. In stead of party bags at the end of the party all my friends can do a pick n mix. Hope this helped XXX.

My Sleepover
By: Keilani, Lubbock, TX
Telephone,hide n seek (in dark)/(extreme),(huntedhouse/school),pillow fight, dance party, truth or dare, sing or dare.

T or F or TS
By: Louise, England
U take it in turns to say 3 statements and u say one that is true, one that is false and one that is partly true sand other players have to guess which statement is true, false and partially true. A real good one for getting to know more about each other!

Balloon Pop Relay
By: Camden M., Houston, Texas USA
Gather your guests and divide into teams (as evenly as possible). However many teams you have, put that many chairs infront of each team and place a balloon on it. Each group has a certain amount of balloons for them to pop (amount depends on number of people). On "Go" the first person in the line will run to the chair and try to pop the balloon as fast as possible, then run back and the next person goes. The first team to pop all their balloons wins!! Great for all ages!

By: Maddy, WA, USA
Paranoia is a really fun game to play with a big group of teenagers (at least 5).
You need:  A flip flop and People
Everybody sits in a circle on the floor, with the flip flop in the middle. One person starts, and they whisper a question to the person to the right of them. The question receiver then answers the question out loud to the group. Then somebody flips the flip flop up in the air. If the flip flop lands right side up, then the question giver tells the group what the question was. If the flip flop lands right side down, the question giver does not tell the group what the question was and the group is left wondering what the question was. The question receiver then asks the person to the right of them, and so it goes around the circle. It is also fun to limit the people in the questions to the people in the room, and when the answers to the questions are peoples names. Once you get all the way around the circle and want to continue, switch it from right to left so you're asking a new person. You can also switch seats. Have fun!

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