A Twist on Classic Truth or Dare

by purplegirl17
(slumber party heaven)

This twist on a classic sleepover game works great with any number of girls. Before you play you need to write different truths and dares on small pieces of paper and put them in a basket or just a pile on the floor next to the sleeping bags. (This game is usually played after "bedtime") Each person is an individual team. One person is selected to do a truth or dare first and one other person puts one truth or dare in each hand and the "dare doer" eliminates one hand or dare at a time until one is left and then they do that one. Then others follow the same procession as before. A shorter way is they each pick only five and the "dare doer" picks one to do with out the elimination part. This way works best with more that 2 girls. I hope this spices up your traditional game of Truth Or Dare!!

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