Find the Leader Party Game

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This version of Find (or Follow) the Leader is a crazy, wacky group game that is perfect to use for teen party games or slumber party games.

One of the things that makes it great is that it is a teen party game requires no preparation and no set up, so it can be played anytime!

It is always nice to have some great group games that are "ready to go" at a moments notice, and you don't have to have a certain number of people or required objects.

The object of the game is for the person who is "it" to try to figure out who is leading all the other people in the group as they are doing the same motions.

Read on for a detailed "how to" on how to play this easy game. 

How to Play

First, selection someone to be “it”.

“It” leaves the room.

The remaining guests pick someone to be the “Leader”. They get in a circle and “It” comes back into the room and stands in the middle of the circle.

Now it's up to the “Leader” to do different actions – like hopping on one foot, patting their head or waving their hands. All the other players in the circle do whatever the Leader is doing.

“It” looks around and around the circle, trying to figure out who is the leader. The person who is "It" gets three guesses!

If time allows, keep playing until everyone has had a chance to be “It."

I love it when site visitors contribute their own games that they have played and loved to this site. Another fun guessing game that a site visitor has added to our site is Murderer.

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