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Many thanks are due to my wonderful friends who I tapped for these great girl games used in their girls club activities!

These games for girls would be fun as slumber party games.

These activities would also be fun for a tween birthday party.

At the bottom of the list, click and you can add your own best tween games to this list. The only requirement? Fun and giggles for all!

Just for Girls - Greatest Girl Games

Singing Mystery Game -Sit in a circle. "It" leaves the room. The others select an object in the room. When "It" comes back in the room, the others try to lead her to it by singing loud when she is "hot" (close to it) or singing soft when she is "cold" (far away).

The Mumbling Game - The object of this game and other variations of girl games like it is to talk without showing your teeth. Person #1 asks Person #2 a question, then Person #2 answers "I don't know", and turns and asks the question of person #3. No problem right? Ahh. But if you show your teeth (or laugh!)... you're out.

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Smile Game -Divide players into two teams and have them face each other across the room. One side is heads, the other is tails. Flip a coin. Whichever side it lands on (heads or tails), that team must begin laughing for 30 seconds. The other team must keep a straight face. Anyone caught laughing must go join the other team.

Giggling Game - A requirement of girl games is giggling, right? You only need a handkerchief for this game. Everyone stands a circle. "It" stands in the center and throws the handkerchief in the air. As long as the handkerchief stays in the air, everyone must laugh. If it touches the floor everyone must immediately stop laughing and stop smiling. Anyone smiling sits down.

Rainbow Game -Sit in a circle. "It" sits in the middle and calls out a color and points to a girl. The girl must come up with the name of an object that is that color before "It" counts to seven.

Paper Bag Game - Have someone hide something in a paper bag. Everyone knows what is inside except "It". "It" has to try and sell whatever is in the bag with a commercial (but remember "it" doesn't have any idea what it is) and everyone gets to try to ask "It" questions about the item.

Heads up/7up Game - Choose seven players and have everyone else put their heads down with eyes closed. They'll also have their hand out with a thumb up. Then the 7 players go around and each push one thumb down. Those with thumbs down stand and try to guess who pushed their thumb down.

Penny Game -You'll need a clear plastic bowl filled with water with a dime in it for each team and lots of pennies. Place the dime in the bowl and set the bowl on the floor - one for each team. Give each team 10 pennies, then see if they can drop the pennies into their bowl. The first team to completely cover the dime using the least amount of pennies wins.

Popcorn Ball Game - All players pretend to be popcorn kernels. Someone in charge will yell out "hotter", and as it gets hotter and hotter, the "kernels" jump around more and more. If they bump into each other, they stick together and keep bouncing. At the end of the game you have a giant "popcorn ball".

Hug Tag -Just like a regular game of tag, but you are only safe if you are hugging another player.

Fashion Game -For fun fashion girl games you need newspapers, tape. Divide girls into pairs or teams. Each team chooses a model and creates an outfit on the model within a certain amount of time.

Jump Rope Games - Get out the jump ropes. They'll know lots of games from school that are fun to play. Grab the hula hoops too!

Relay Race Games - Relay Races are always lots of fun, and this page offers many options.

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