Old Maid Slumber Party Game

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Everyone loves to play the card games. What about a live version of one of your favorites?

This fun game can be used as a slumber party game, teen party game or even for a kid birthday (for kids who are old enough to know how to play the actual game of old maid, and be able to follow a real-life version.


First, purchase a handled sack for each guest, or perhaps an inexpensive purse - like one from the $1 store.

You'll also need pairs of items – such as 2 packages of M&Ms, 2 bottles of nail polish, 2 lip gloss, etc. Basically, just put in whatever you and your guests would like to have.

Place all your pairs of items into a pile, then divide them equally into the sacks. This should be done randomly, so who knows what will end up in each sack.

In one sack place something to represent "old maid" such as a pair of Granny glasses, an old scarf, or maybe even the actual card from a game deck! For our example, we'll use a pair of Granny glasses.

To Play:

Give each guest a sack.

Guests will go around the room asking for a item to match something in their sack, just like in the card game. Ask a person for an item, then move to another person. For example…

Elizabeth: “Madisen, do you have a lip gloss?”

Madisen looks and finds a lip gloss and gives it to Elizabeth. Madisen can ask Elizabeth for something, and then they both move on to other players to ask a question.

OR this could happen:

Elizabeth: “Madisen, do you have a lip gloss?”

Madisen looks and doesn’t find a lip gloss. Madisen can then ask Elizabeth for something, and then they both move on to the other players to ask a question.

BUT what if Madisen doesn’t have the lip gloss but has the (gulp) Granny glasses? It would go like this…

Elizabeth: “Madisen, do you have a lip gloss?”

Madisen: “No, but I do have this for you!” giving her the glasses.

The Winner

After someone has matched up all the items in their bag the game is over. Everyone counts how many matches they have made. The person with the most matches wins! (And the person holding the Granny glasses is you know who!)

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