Drawing in the Dark

by Jessy
(Chicago, IL)

I recommend you should do this game at night. You need to write down some simple things that your friends could draw including you. You write them down into little sheets of paper and fold it up or rumble it. When that is done put them into a bag or hat and shake it up. Choose the first person and tell them to choose one without looking. When that person gets one and reads it to see what they have to draw, get paper and a pencil you'll also need a clipboard so they can draw. After that you will need to go to a room with all of your friends and then count up to 60 seconds but you need to turn off the light so it will be kind of hard to draw. After the 60 seconds are done turn on the light and see what your friend has made. If they drew it right then they win a prize but if they don't get it right and tried there best they can win a little prize. You could have as many turns you want but if you finished doing it and did it again I recommend you go last and then another person goes then another and another until you reach the top you go again. But this is a very fun game and I hope you guys love this game.

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