Nail Polish Spin Game

by Sarah
(Columbus GA)

You and your friends sit in a circle on the ground with 5-6 different colored nail polishes in front of you for this game. One person spins 1 of the nail polish colors and whoever it lands on they have to paint 1 of their fingers or toes that color. Then they spin the next color and so on and so on.

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We play this too
by: Ash

We play it the same way. Get out one bottle of nail polish and have one player spin it. Whoever it ends up facing has to paint their nail that color. Keep on changing the color til' the players finish all their finger nails and end up with weird funky nails.

Spin the bottle of nail polish
by: Hi82

We play this way - Ok so give each one of your girls a different color nail polish. Get a plastic bottle (water bottle) or any type of bottle. Get in a circle and one person spins the bottle. whoever it lands on the girls switch nail polish colors and paint one nail that color. The first person to get all of there nails done wins. Hope you like it!

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