Scavenger Hunt around Town

by Maddy F.
(Amarillo, Texas)

In this game you will split your guests into two or more different teams and give them a list in which to make it fair that nobody has seen. Then you assign them a car and a driver and for fun they can come up with a name for their team. Then you get to look at the list and try to figure out where these things could be around town allow them 5 minutes to do this then off to the car. They go trying to get the list of things and back to the house in 30 minutes. After 30 minutes everyone is to head back to the house even if the list was not finished. Then the winning team gets a prize. The list can include a teddy bear, a fire hydrant, big feet or the whole team in a bath tub. Be sure to make the list very long so it is almost impossible to get done with it in 30 minutes so you don't come upon a tie.

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