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One of our great site visitors told me about a Glow Olympics, or Glow in the Dark Olympics Party, they had been to. I thought that sounded really interesting, especially in case you wanted to have a blacklight party but were at a loss for things to do.

This would be great fun for a lock in or slumber party.

They did a collection of games that included:

  • Mini Golf with a target
  • Basketball thru a hoop
  • Throwing frisbees thru hula hoops But their favorite was a glow in the dark obstacle course!
  • Outline the course with neon tape or tubes and have fun! Actually, you could do any target games, just make sure you are using neon or flourescent game objects.
  • You can also make use of fluorescent and neon paint that is specifically made for glow in the dark fun.
  • There are also lots of products you can buy - such as glow in dark golf balls.
  • The easiest way to do this sort of party would probably be to have it as stations, with each player trying to get their best score at each station.
  • It will also be fun to have plenty of glow stick bracelets and necklaces so everyone can be decked out in all sorts of glow in the dark items. 

  • Important Note: You'll need some lots of black light - a couple of light bulbs isn't gonna do it. Get everything ready a day or two before and then test it to see if you need more light bulbs to create the effect you want! There is nothing worse than planning to do a glow party or neon/blacklight party and find out that you don't have enough lights to make everything glow. Test it out first!

  • Tell us about your great teen party ideas and we'll add them to this website!
  • Tips to Make Your Glow Olympics Party Successful

    -Use black light party cups

    -Use white or neon plastic tablecloths

    -Decorate with black light party balloons

    -Make banners that are painted with neon paint or black light paint

    -Tell your guests to dress in white or neon colors

    -Pass out glow sticks, or other glow in the dark items

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