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M&M Hunts are a great way to bring a little candy into a game! Do we all agree that everyone loves M&M's? I don't think there is any question about that!

If you are having a party, including this M&M game could be just what you need! As a matter of fact, this is one of the most popular teen party games on our website.

This is a party game that can be played indoors or out, at just about any event. It would be especially fun as a birthday party game.

The M & M Hunt Game is also a scavenger-type treasure hunt, which is a hit with party guests of all ages. Another reason why it has made our lists of teen party games and slumber party games.

Planning Your M&M Hunt

You'll need:

  • M&M's 
  • Plastic Baggies 
  • Clues in envelopes

  • Preparation:

  • Before the party, create some clues telling the location of plastic baggies containing M&Ms. The clues can be as easy or hard as you make them...keep in mind the ages and abilities of your guests.
  • You'll want each team to visit every hidden M&M location, but in a different order. So make copies of the same clues for each team, put them into envelopes, and number the envelopes. This will be fun because you'll have party guests running all over!
  • Hide the baggies of M&M's prior to the party, or you can wait just before time to play the game and then hide the bags (if you can do it without being noticed.)
  • Assign a point value to each color of M&M (for example: green is worth 1 point, red is worth 2 points, etc. - whatever you decide!)

  • To Play:

  • Divide guests into teams.
  • Give each team their clue envelopes. Give each team a plastic baggie for collecting M&Ms at each hidden location.
  • This is very important! Tell each team to take THREE M&Ms from each hiding spot. They can select any three they wish, but ONLY three.
  • Tell the teams that each color of M&M is worth a certain number of points, but don't tell them the point values. The fun will be that they don't know what each M&M is worth...

  • The Winner:

  • The team with the most points at the end wins! Celebrate with M&Ms for everyone!! (then start planning your next hunt!)

  • Looking for other easy hunt ideas? Click here to visit SimpliFun Studios.

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