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A Flashlight Treasure Hunt is exactly what the name describes…a hunt with a flashlight!

It is perfect for a slumber party, camping trip or overnight retreat when everyone might be in the dark but have a light or lantern available.

There are two ways to do fun teen party games like this one (as a matter of fact, this is easy and fun for a kid birthday party too)...

Option # 1

One way to do a or Flashlight Treasure Hunt is to divide guests into teams and equip them with at least one light. Then prepare a treasure hunt with clues to be done in the dark.

Sample Clues for a Flashlight Hunt

Option #2

Another way to plan this hunt is is to give each person a flashlight and hide things for them to find. (Think about it...a flashlight would make a great party favor idea too!)

Think of it as an Easter egg hunt in the dark.

As a matter of fact, you can even use Easter eggs, filled with fun treats, candy, etc. for the guests to find in the dark.

Put a few really great prizes in some – like a gift card or something, and you’ll have guests really going after it!

When doing a hunt of this nature, you may want to tell the guests to only find a certain number of eggs (or whatever they are searching for) so that one person doesn’t end up with a lot, and others end up with none!

But that is for younger folks. Teens at a party might enjoy the challenge of trying to collect everything!

If you have a large group, you can also divide everyone who is playing this game into small teams. 

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