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A Flashlight Hunt is exactly what the name describes…a hunt with a flashlight!

It is perfect for a slumber party, camping trip or overnight retreat when everyone might be in the dark but have a light or lantern available.

You can ask everyone to bring a flashlight, or you can purchase a "lot" (purchasing a large number so get them at a low price) of flashlights.

Flashlight Hunt Options

There are two ways to do fun teen party games like this one (as a matter of fact, this is easy and fun for a kid birthday party too)...

Option # 1

One way to do a Flashlight Treasure Hunt is to divide guests into teams and equip them with at least one light. Then prepare a treasure hunt with clues to be done in the dark.

The clues, or things players will hunt for, are really dependent on the age range of the players, as well as where you are doing the hunt (inside or outside.)

Need help with clues? SimpliFun Studios has a lot of great treasure hunts and scavenger hunts already planned for you.

Option #2

Another way to plan this flashlight hunt is is to give each person a flashlight and hide things for them to find. (Think about it...a flashlight would make a great party favor idea too!)

Think of it as an Easter egg hunt in the dark.

As a matter of fact, you can even use Easter eggs, filled with fun treats, candy, etc. for the guests to find in the dark.

Put a few really great prizes in some – like a gift card or something, and you’ll have guests really going after it!

When doing a hunt of this nature, you may want to tell the guests to only find a certain number of eggs (or whatever they are searching for) so that one person doesn’t end up with a lot, and others end up with none!

But that is for younger folks. Teens at a party might enjoy the challenge of trying to collect everything!

If you have a large group, you can also divide everyone who is playing this game into small teams. 

More Flashlight Fun

While you have those flashlights out, how about a game of Flashlight Tag? It is a game that is sort of a game of hide-and-seek. You'll want to play in the dark, and one person is "it." Everyone hides, and then "it" goes around and tries to find each person. When "it" finds them, he shines a flashlight on them to tag them. Before the game begins, decide if the tagged person will "go to jail" to wait for the end of the game, or help "it" find more people who are hiding.

Can you think of any other fun games to play in the dark?

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