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The suitcase race or relay is one of those games that you can find being played as slumber party games all the time. It is fun, otherwise it wouldn't be so popular with teen and tween party guests!

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There are many variations of this game, and you can use your imagination to make it as crazy as possible for your friends.

In the basic version of this game, have two suitcases that each hold similar oversized pajamas and house shoes. Divide players into two teams, with the suitcase sitting a distance away at a "turn around" point.

On “Go”, the first player from each team runs to a suitcase, opens it, puts on the pajamas and house shoes, picks the suitcase up and runs back to the next player in line. The first player then undresses, and the next player will put on the clothes, pick up the suitcase, run to the turnaround point and back, and then undress. Keep going, until the first team that has had all their players dressed and undressed wins!

Make it more fun by adding more clothes. Ideas for other things to add for this girls slumber party game:


One fun variation is to make a player get into a sleeping bag at the turnaround point and count to five (like counting five sheep) then climb back out of the sleeping bag before continuing on with the race.

To be fair, have similar items in each suitcase. They don't have to be exactly the same items, as long as they are similar in how easy/difficult they are to get on and off.

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