Bunny Game

The Bunny Game is a really fun slumber party game and all you need is more than 5 people.

You get into a circle and the leader or the host is bunny number 1. Then carry on going clockwise with the next person being bunny number 2 and so on.

Once you've done that bunny number 1 has to put both hands on top of their head and wiggle them like bunny ears while saying "bunny number 1 bunny number 1 calling bunny number ...." you pick any number in the circle but it can't be you or someone thats out. If you do then you are out.

While you say that the two bunnies on either side of you have to wiggle their ear that is closest to you with their hand. If they dont then they're out and the next person closest to you has to do it. Also if you say it wrong or don't do the bunny ears your out as well.

You carry on playing until there are only three players left and they're the winners.

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