Truth or Dare

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So what is it? Truth or Dare?

This is probably one of the most played teen party games of all. And very popular on everyone's list of favorite teenage slumber party games.

One of the things that makes this game great is that it doesn't require any set-up, preparation or supplies. Also, everyone knows how to play.

Everyone gets a turn to answer a question or do dare.

A true "party staple".

But sometimes in this game, feelings can be hurt or people can be dared to do things that aren't safe.

You can solve this problem with a small amount of preparation...especially good for tween or young teenager sleepover games.

Before the party, make a list of "Truths" and a list of "Dares" on slips of paper. By doing this, you control what happens in the game.

You can put all the "Truths" in one bowl and the "Dares" in the other.

When it is time to play the game, the person can select from the appropriate bowl. Or, all the slips of paper can be mixed into a bowl and you get whatever you draw!

We have a list of clean truth questions (on our "conversation starters" page).

Some safe dares include...

  • Sing a song
  • Sing Mary Had a Little Lamb
  • Sing and Do the motions to a verse of the Hokey Pokey
  • Sing and Do the motions to I’m a Little Teapot'
  • Jump on one foot 10 times
  • Do a hula dance
  • Do the Macarena
  • Tell a joke
  • Act out a scene from your favorite movie
  • Make kissing sounds
  • Cluck like a chicken
  • Pretend you are a dog (cat, monkey, etc.)
  • Pretend to talk to the wall (and that it answers you)
  • Sing everything you say for the rest of the game
  • Talk in an English accent for the rest of the game
  • Act out a scene from your favorite movie
  • In other words, go for fun, silly stuff - not something dangerous or hurtful!

    Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Torture, Kiss or Promise

    Site visitor Kylie of Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia, has provided us this list of explanations for the game "Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Torture, Kiss or Promise"

    Dare: someone gives someone a dare and they have to do it.

    Double dare: 2 dares

    Torture: a really bad dare

    Kiss:  you have to kiss someone

    Promise: you have to promise somebody something.

    Truth or Dare
    Games to Purchase

    If you don't want to "do it yourself", there are lots and lots of ready made games that can be purchased and added to your collection of teenager sleepover games.

    Box of Questions

    This Truth or Dare Box Of Questions game is part of the popular Melissa and Doug's "Box of Questions" line. Billed as "tween-friendly."

    Fact or Crap - Dare

    This version of the game Imagination Fact or Crap-Dare Fun Size adds dares. In this game you must answer a trivia question. Get it wrong and you'll have to complete a dare!

    More Ideas

    How about a Dare Contest? Read all about it on our Group Games Page.

    Send us your ideas for great truths or dares for your party guests to do and we'll include them in our great games ideas list!

    Truth or Dare? Your Ideas!!!!

    Do you have a great way to play Truth or Dare? Do you have a great question or dare? Share it!

    More ideas from visitors:

    Truth Questions:

    This Truth Question was suggested by Mikayla from Georgia:
    "What is your favorite CLASSIC Disney movie?" should be added to your list of clean truth questions. I'm a teenager and a guys answer to this question determines whether i say "yes" or "no" when he asks me out.


    This Dare was suggested by Sofia from Carlsbad, CA: "Go outside and yell chickens!"

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    Truth or Dunk!

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