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The Who Am I? Game is your chance to work together to cause confusion!!

Fun huh?

Everyone needs a little confusion in their life! LOL!

This also is great for fun and easy adult or teen party games because it doesn't require anything to set it up, and you can play it with a large or small number of people. Gotta love those!!

If you are looking for fun teenage birthday party games, why not add this one to your list? Items you guess could be things that the birthday guy or girl loves.

How to Play the "Who Am I" Game


Select someone to be "It"

To Play:

Have "It" leave the room.

Remaining party guests decide who the group will be. Perhaps a group of supermodels? What about a group of school teachers?

When "It" reenters the room, he or she goes around the room asking questions to figure out who the group has become.

Try your best to confuse, but do answer truthfully!

He or she can guess correctly or give up. Then it is someone else's turn to be "it"!

Determine ahead of time how many questions "It" can ask. Perhaps one question of each person. Or perhaps a set number, such as twenty questions.

This game doesn't even need to have a winner or loser, just have fun and let everyone have a turn!

Have you played this game before? Tell us how it went!

Other ways to play for fun teen party games:

  • Sitting here, I'm thinking of the old "Who...am I? Where...am I? What...am I?" question. Rather than the group being a certain type of person, they can all be in a place! Try playing Who Am I at an Around the World Party.

  • Hannah from Washington, USA, gave the following game, called "Mid Mad". She writes: "Mid Mad is a game where two people go out of the room and you decide who is the mid and who is the mad and they have to guess who they are without asking asking "Who am I?"."

  • If you are looking for a fun "who or what am I" type board game, this is it! Hedbanz Game is a game you can purchase and is a lot of fun to play. They even have separate versions for kids and adults.

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