by Cristie

Do you think you & your friends can be the best and fastest Doctor/Nurse? Find out at your NEXT slumber party!

Example is for 6 girls/boys and needs 1 adult. First, get a bag or hat and put 4 blank slips of paper in it. Only 2 of them have something on them, one has Doc and the other has Nurse. Also, make sure that you have a clipboard or notepad and a pencil or pen for both the doctor and the nurse. What you do is get everyone to sit in a circle. Everyone picks a slip of paper. If someone gets doctor or nurse, they leave the room and the nurse and doctor put together a notepad for the patients. Everyone else are the "patients". They must make up something that is wrong with them. Now the doctor and nurse come in and the "patients" leave out. The adult then has to escort each "patient" into the Exam room (bedroom recommended). The nurse helps the "patient" and asks what's wrong. The "patient" has to answer her/him and the nurse writes it down the patients problem. The doctor comes and talks to the patient and tries to fix the problem. He doctor has to write down on thing they think might fix them and pretend to fix the problem. The doctor will have to leave the current patient if another patient says "DOCTOR!" The doctor may say "NURSE" and the nurse has to go to the patient instead. Make up diseases to make it even funnier. Take turns being doctor, nurse, and patients. The patient may also pretend to go to sleep or die. If you have more people, watch the doctor and nurse scramble around to each patient.

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by: Anonymous

I think you deserve the 5 stars! Does anyone have cool ideas like this one for a 13 year old girl with about 9-11 people. Thanks! :D

by: Cristie

I'm sorry but i have to give myself a 5star rating!

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