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Great bunco party theme ideas can make your bunco night memorable and a bit more fun.

Bunco Themes - Themes for every month!

Enjoy using these bunco themes.

If you do, take some great photos and send them in.

We'll share your photos and any great ideas that you have to add with other visitors to this site!

Many bunco groups play once a month.

For these groups you can organize your bunco themes around the month.

You can also tune your party theme and party ideas to the time of year in general, or just good an easy party theme that will be fun any time of year.

You already have a great game. To give it a theme, all you have to do is mix decorations, food and few fun elements (score sheets, the item that goes to the person who has rolled bunco, and prizes) with the party theme idea.

You don't have to have a bunco party theme, some groups prefer to just show up and play, and that is fine too! But for those who like to throw a theme into the fun of bunco night...

January Bunco Party Themes

Snowmen - Snowmen shaped score sheets, decorate with snowmen. More ideas for a snowman theme.

Chinese New Year - Serve Chinese food and fortune cookies, decorate with paper lanterns, insert prizes into Chinese take out container. More ideas for a Chinese New Year Theme. 

February Bunco Themes

Valentine's Day - Everyone can wear pink or red and use heart shaped score sheets. How about some chocolates and champagne as part of your bunco party theme? More ideas for a Valentine's Party Theme.

Academy Awards - Dress as your favorite movie star or character from a movie (better yet - act like that character while you play bunco!) More Ideas for an Oscar Party Theme.

Mardi Gras Bunco Theme - have "bunco on the bayou"...pass out beads, serve king cake and drink hurricanes! More Ideas for a Mardi Gras Party Theme.

March Bunco Themes

St. Patrick's Day Bunco - Green beer, dress in green, green score sheets...everything green! Make the bunco prize a "pot of gold!" (if not real gold, how about the Hershey "gold" chocolate bars?). You can also serve Irish tea and food. More Ideas for a St. Patrick's Day Theme.

First Day of Spring - Flowers, butterflies and garden fairies! More Ideas for a Floral Theme.

April Bunco Themes

Easter - Bunnies, Chicks and all things spring. Think easter baskets, and have an elaborate Easter bonnet as the traveling item. More Ideas for an Easter Party theme.

Tax Day - Eat off tin plates and serve pork and beans. Use the blank back side of a tax form as your score sheet. More Ideas for a Tax Day theme.

May Bunco Themes

Cinco De Mayo - Celebrate with margaritas, Mexican food, and sombreros! This is a fun and easy theme! More Ideas to celebrate Cinco De Mayo Party.

Gardening Theme - Have April showers brought May flowers? Have a flower power theme. Bunco prizes for this party could be garden decor, potted plants, or gift cards to the local nursery. If using potted plants, they could be decorations on the food table. Use a big straw hat as your traveling item and serve food from flower pots. More Ideas for a Daisy Party Theme.

June, July and August Bunco Themes

Beach Bunco Theme - beach blanket on beach towels, have beach related or summer items as prizes. Lots of colors drinks, and yummy fresh foods. Have everyone dress in shorts and flipflops. The traveling bunco item could be a coconut bikini top, flower lei or a beach towel. More ideas for a Beach or Luau Party Theme.

Patriotic - Red, White and Blue is in order here. Include lemonade (see my recipe for "pink drink,") hot dogs and apple pie! More ideas for a 4th of July party theme.

September Bunco Themes

Team Spirit - It is back to school time, so why not show some team spirit? Ask everyone to wear a t-shirt or colors of their favorite school/team, whether school, college or professional. More Idea for a Sports Theme.

Pirate Bunco - Talk Like a Pirate Day falls during the month of September, so why not use pirate lingo (How to Talk like a Pirate), encourage folks to dress like pirates, and give away some golden (chocolate) coins as prizes. More Ideas for a Pirate Party theme. 

October Bunco Themes

Halloween - This is an easy bunco party theme, full of lots of fun decorations. Everyone can come in costume and you can serve fun Halloween party foods.

Oktoberfest - Blue and White, German beer and sausages make for a fun Oktoberfest celebration. More ideas for an Oktoberfest party theme.

November Bunco Themes

Things I'm Thankful For - Have each person tell about something they are thankful for. Consider doing a recipe exchange, that way everyone will have some great new recipes to try over the holidays. More ideas for a Thanksgiving Party theme.

December Bunco Themes

White Elephant - Many Groups choose to do a White Elephant gift exchange game at their December bunco night, either with everyone bringing a gift, or as a way to distribute the bunco prizes. Decide on rules for your Gift Exchange Games

Couple night - For the last game of the year invite spouses or guests to come along and see what all the fun is about!

Christmas - Use red and green as part of your bunco party theme, you can even include Amazon's red and green dice!

More Bunco Party Theme Ideas

These great bunco party theme ideas will work for any bunco night during the year...

Mad Hatter Tea Party - ask everyone to wear a hat, set "drink me" and "eat me" signs on the food and drinks. Use bunco dice that are a variety of different colors and different sizes.

Pajama Party - have everyone wear their pajamas. Traveling item can be a teddy bear. Serve breakfast foods or slumber party foods.

Color Theme - ask everyone to come dressed in their favorite color. Use a variety of different colored napkins, plates, etc. 

Barbie Theme - there are so many incarnations of Barbie...come dressed as your favorite Barbie! Be sure to include lots of pink with your napkins, plates, etc. along with some sparkle for an overall Barbie feel! 

Western Theme - dress western, have a special cowboy hat to wear if you roll bunco, serve BBQ or other western flavored food, decorate with red checked tablecloths and eat off tin plates. More Western Party Theme Ideas.

Decade Theme - You could devote bunco to a specific decade, such as 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's...or you incorporate different items from each decade into your menu and decorating and then let each person come as their favorite decade. More decade party ideas.

Hopefully these easy party ideas have helped start you on the way to creating your own perfect bunco night theme.

Select any party idea from our holiday party ideas list or from our adult party ideas list and use that as a starting point to plan your own unique bunco theme night!

Tell us your bunco theme ideas and we'll share them with visitors to this website!

Have any great bunco ideas to share?

If you've played this fun and easy game - share with our visitors your bunco themes, rules, recipes, prizes and photos!

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